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Numerology and Fortune Telling!

I HATE math.

So it may surprise you to know that I love love love love love numbers.  I count them everywhere.  I love to take especially long numbers and condense them down into a single digit.

And when they are little mini-them’s I make a statement in my mind about how something is going to go, or what the energy of a situation is like.  Or just smile inwardly with a knowing nod, understanding the situation that much better then before I added everything up.

I also love noticing when a particular sweet little number shows up all the time.  For instance I went through a period where EVERY single number came down to 4 in everything in my life.  My house number, my bank account, my phone number, and then everything else…creepy and cool at the same time.

What am I going on about?  And yes, my teeth are about to fall out from all the delicious caramel I seem to be feeding on today, not that it matters one iota about numerology, it’s just blogging is all about honesty…and honestly, I love caramel.

Back to Numbers!

What is this numerology of which i speak?  I’m sure there are lots of schools of thought surrounding this, but I like to play with the Major arcana of Tarot.  And I really focus on numbers 1-10.  Would you like a very basic tutorial so you can play on your own?

Tarot (as you may know) is one of my favorite little divination techniques.  And this is no substitution for actual study, but a pretty good overview from a cliff’s note standard.

Before we kick off, here are a few ideas of how you might use this.  Spell out your name and count your letters, for instance my name is Elisha. Do we all understand that A is 1 and B is 2…so on, so forth?


L=12 or 1+2=3


S=19 or 10 or 1



When we add that up 5+3+9+1+8 +1 we get:  27 or 9.  And as you are about to learn, 9=Hermit.  So my name add’s up to a Hermit.  Of course,  i could keep going and do my full name which actually all adds down to:  7 or the Chariot…and then i could look look into that and see how I might resemble that card and if it had anything to teach me.

Anyway, there are lots of fun ways to play with this…but let’s see a little overview of the first ten Trump cards.

Number 1:  The Magician

The Communicator or the messenger card.  This card means communication is a priority in the situation. Gives meaning and purpose to life.  Get to writing!

Number 2: The Priestess

The “Independent” Self Knower–using balance, intuition/insight, independence and self-knowledge.  Can nourish self from deep inner sources.  This card rocks the free world.  I LOVE when something adds up to 2!

Number 3:  The Empress

The Nurturer, comforter, beautifier.  Strong love of nature and service.  Balance between mental and emotional expression.  This card indicates being drawn towards emotional balance.  It’s also very feminine or YIN and actually, quite sexy…

Number 4:  The Emperor

Pioneer, Visionary, Doer!  This is the person who makes strong foundations and creates what’s needed for future generations.  Strong leadership skills.  This card indicates moving forward with career changes or leadership.

Number 5:  The Hierophant

The Teacher, counselor, consultant.  Inspires others and imparts information.  Committed to community and family and cooperation.  Inner spiritual teacher.  On a constant search for knowledge.

Number 6:  The Lovers

Polarities and Opposition.  Time for deepening and rooting into relationships.  Choose and find bliss in the choice.

Number 7:  The Chariot

The mover, the traveler, the motivator!  It’s a time for change or putting some project in motion.  But it also stands for balance between doing and what lies inside as well.

Number 8:  Adjustment/Balance

The mediator, adjuster.  Balance is needed, bad.  Simplicity.  Clarity.  Fairness. Uncompromising honesty.

Number 9:  The Hermit

Mediator, Philosopher, Sage, Wise man.  Complete any unfinished business from the past, time to get back into the body, contemplate and inspire!  Self reflection and self realization are key. Retreat from the noise and the world and find the stillness.

Number 10:  Wheel of Fortune

Abundance, prosperity, fortune!  You can turn any experience towards a positive outcome.  Lots and lots of creativity!  It’s also the ups and downs of life…it all comes around. This is a karma card…what we did before will return.

So that’s the top ten.  There are 21 total…and this by no means even scratches the surface as to what the real meaning of the cards is.  But let’s say for instance that someone wrote a book, and they found out what their ISBN number was.

And say said person looked at a few of the numbers.

The book title distills down to:  5 or the Hierophant…the teacher, the spirital guide (Which by the way happens to be the authors life time symbol…so a REALLY great omen.)

And the ISBN distilled down to 11 and therefore 2 as well. We didn’t talk about 11, but it’s the LUST/STRENGTH card.  This card is where the deck starts taking a much more inward focus…so it’s the combination of the power of the Priestess coupled with  Strength and Lust.  And I could give you a ten minute lesson on this, but let’s say…if this person wrote a book about Internet Dating…having the Priestess and the LUST card would be very very very good omens!

So that is it.  See if you can play with numbers in your life.  I started my journey by noticing when I looked at a clock.  Why did I look at exactly that moment?  What did it add up to?  It’s a fun little mind workout…and of course…if you are interested in a full tarot lesson…I totally recommend it.  It’s a fascinating art!

Good luck forecasting your future!