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New Supermoon Portal Awesomeness

It feels to me like the astrological events are becoming more and more like extreme game shows. They are disturbing people’s sleep, they’re activating people in deeply profound ways. They are illuminating blocks and pathways faster than you can even sneeze at some random dust that floats by.


We are living in a truly amazing time. We have chosen to be here at this exact moment for some reason and I urge you to ask yourselves what that reason is. Why are you here? What are you supposed to be doing with your life? How are you supposed to be connecting with your fellow human beings? You’re here and in case you haven’t been told lately, I’d like to remind you to be here!

How can you be here even better? How can you touch more lives? How can you have more fun? How can you feel even more connected to the people around you?


As you may be able to read, I am one of those people affected by lack of sleep, but I don’t even care! Being alive in this time is so hugely fantastic and I for one am supremely grateful!

So take this super moon supercharge and go out and make some new friends or start some new fabulous project or fall in love or all of the above!

Remember, the year of the horse is coming to a close. This  magical year of fast changes and wildest dreams coming true. Harness the last of that energy now because you’re not gonna feel energy like this again for a long time. You have a month. Get going!

I look forward to seeing you out and about frolicking on this magical world! I for one am committed to having a really amazing time!