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New Beginnings and the Beauty in Letting Go

Hello friends.  I sit here at my familiar desk looking out the window to lush grass and cedar trees and the blissful sound of (almost) silence…pesky keypad… The sun is filtering through the trees at some points and landing squarely across my desk at others.

And in this moment I feel a peace that’s been missing in my soul for many years.

Almost exactly midway through my 23rd year I packed my car and left Maryland, a home that never felt like home, for the calling of the  Pacific North West.  And I tell you…I fought my way here.  Each step has sent me back ten…yet each mis-step was greeted with the sweetest and most profound Ah-Ha!

And in this way I grew into the 40-year old person I am now and with a confidence that one who does their inner work can have…a shining beacon from the inside that speaks clearly and slowly and corrects in such sweet ways when I feign deafness every now and again.  (Sometimes corrects more then others and arguable about how sweet it is…but this is a happy blog post.)

So here I sit…amongst my favorite Cedars, the sun tickling my fingers and feeling so abundantly grateful for all I have come from, the waves of learning and crashing thunders of defeat that only served to course correct.

And I am most happy for the process of letting go.  For making space for what’s new and finding completion in so many stories that float like ghosts in my mind.  Seeing them for what they are–ether’s to be released and in their stead that beautiful tickle of fairy light which guides my eager path.

So here I sit, in a dream that is actually my life, the stories that were trailing behind me looking much like the tails of a kite, so colorful and meaningful and purposeful…cut loose to be attached to something else.  And I take a deep, soul-drenched breath for that freedom of letting go.

I raise my tea cup to you sweet friends and wish the same peace and clarity to you.  The same light at the end of the tunnel.  That lightness of being when you cut loose your stories. The same joy just from looking at your window.

Short and sweet today since I have more unpacking then time for contemplation today 🙂

Peace and light to you.  I am home.  Truly home.