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Movement = Life


It’s been a long time.  I have been swimming with the whales and wiggling my toes in sand and drinking cold drinks and watching the sun set over crystal blue waters.  And I just couldn’t make myself get on a computer.  Can you blame me?

Well, I was upstairs this morning listening to some Alan Watts….he has years of awe inspiring talks out there for those looking for inspiration of the spiritual or philosophical nature.  Anyway, he says this:

“Things that tend to be permanent tend to be lifeless.”

I was already getting cracked out on my matte but this hit me like a lightning bolt.  I can still feel the sway of water in my being and hear the whale song in my mind.  And yes, it makes me feel so alive.

I heard that and thought immediately about all the areas of my life that I have in boxes.  That I want to be a “certain way.”  I think about the nature of safety and wonder and if I don’t have it all wrong?

Now, I’m not suggesting jumping off of bridges or any kind of thrill seeking which some people will associate with being alive.  But if that’s your thing, by all means, get to it.

I mean the everyday things.  The mundane.  The things we take for granted we believe will simply be there.  How much of our life is so planned that even the idea of organic flow is stifled.

Where is there space for Magic?

There is all this talk about manifesting…to be in that flow. But to really be in that flow…we need to take ourselves out of what is comfortable.  To really see what we keep in the box…and try  something else?

I don’t assume to know what that is for you, but I CAN assume to know there is something.  Most likely many things that are habit.  That are confined.  That need a little breathing room.

He went on to say that if everyone was gifted with the same artistic ability…you and me and the masters were all the same…and our art was as amazing as the art in the museums…then art would be lifeless.  That there is something about creative individualism that also is a part of life.

Have you found yours?  Have you tapped in?  Have you poked your toes into that warm sand to see how it feels?  Have you stepped out just a little, then a little more, then a little more?

Have you gotten so far out that you turn around and  your box is gone?  That there is no going back to the way it was?

Yeah, it’s scary.  I know.  But you know what’s not scary?  Taking a deep breath, and feeling something different, something stirring, something growing that didn’t have space to grow before.  That feeling.  That one right there…that’s called Life.  Possibility. Imagination.  Creativity.  Belief.  Magic.

Try it.  Just a little wiggle.  Just a little wiggle.

It’s the year of the horse.  It’s the year for you to be inspired and take decisive and quick action.  It’s the year to have fun and travel and be in the flow.  It’s the year to step back into LIFE!

Just start with a little wiggle and see where it takes you!


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