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Life can be all unicorns and rainbows…

There are things I love. Yes, unicorns and rainbows….bring ’em double and I’ll flip out like that guy on you tube too. I also love the smell of babies, and really perfectly made dark chocolate and diet fads that make me think I can lose weight really easily and fast, and seeing people smile from their very core. I love watching people win…that joy that bubbles up and over and seems to infect me with that same sense of inner perfection. I love cats and fresh flowers and the delicate aroma of perfectly brewed tea….

I can go on for years…there is so much that I love.

But how can I come across just a cup of tea, or some average chocolate, or someone who is moderately pleased with themselves, or any of the things I love in their perfection and love them just the same as they exist in a normal state?

How can I love every moment? How can I find a way to be turned on in every moment…to find a rush in the feeling of air against my cheek? To imagine the soft fur of a cat when hugging someone else? It goes on and on…

I notice I seem to write a lot of these posts about presence. About the current moment. But this adds another little twist…it strings together these moments by pulling all the beauty along for the ride.

I am a sensual being. Anyone who knows me I think would agree. And the idea of learning to be turned on in every moment and upping my bar even on all the things I love–after imagining doing a little construction on my heart I realize what’s been stopping me.

Sometimes I feel like my heart is over-full. Like it might burst from the pressure inside with all the love brewing…and here is where I restructured.

I created a few outlet valves…and every time my heart expands in love, that’s the inhale…and then the exhale spreads that love around my body and into my auric field and out towards that thing it’s loving on too. That feeling like my heart might explode is now replaced with a sweet wonderful exhale of sharing that joy, that love, that sweetness with all my cells and the world at large.

So I took it a step farther. If I can love everything in it’s natural state without withholding my love until it’s the perfect tea, the perfect chocolate, the perfect moment…and share that outside myself in breath…then I am a constant funnel of love. I’m a constant source of happiness and joy and eroticism and unicorns and rainbows.

Wow, right?

And you can be too. The construction in my heart took all of 5 minutes. I sat with an image of something I love and got that full heart feeling. Then I breathed while imagining little doorways to my body and to the outside world just appearing. They took the energy pile up and dispersed it more appropriately. And then it was done. Restructured heart.

Now of course the trick is to remember. To constantly fall in love. To constantly be in joy. To constantly be turned on…and yes, I am aware that is very difficult. Ok, very very very difficult…but god damn it’s worth checking out, isn’t it? It’s worth a really good try every single day, right?

Well I have fallen in love about 20 times while writing this…and plan on falling in love and sharing it maybe 200 more times today. And I would love for you to beat that!

So get to loving. Get to being turned on. Get to radiating a joy so pure and real that others can’t help but share in your enthusiasm.

****I’m not really a sports fan, but my partner is. And we were watching the world series and this was right when the last pitch won the game. Even though I had nothing at stake, no real interest in this game….I found myself getting out of my chair and making noise….joy spreads. And it really really feels good when it does.