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Letting Go Into the Stillness…

Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the Week of July 1, 2015

Letting Go into the Stillness….

Big full moon today!  It’s already different, but you know that.  We have moved into a new lesson, a lesson that will rock many of us to our core.  This months theme rests on finding that stillness before the motion. It’s about letting go of what no longer serves us.  It’s about our Aura, that space around us, that will be our unfoldment.  That will be our platform of elevation.  That will be where we find ourselves, our sense of self.  In that stillness we we make up our mind about everything. What do we keep, and what do allow to simply fade away? At first, we have to practice this from a place of meditation, a place of no-mind…before we find our mastery, and we will.  We will.

This week, as we lean into this auric realm…the place perched between quietude and activity, let’s remember that water is incredibly cleansing to our energy systems this month more than most…drink it, swim in it, love it, and allow it to pull away anything getting in the way of your stillness…of your pause…of your reflection!

Here on the 1st we can rely on an energy of fearlessness to dig into our stillness, our mediation.  We can rely on the safety of breath, it’s constant in and out a role model for our being-ness.  We can explore our polarities and adjust our balances to bring us more into the present.

And this month we get to use that Arc Line we have been working with last month.  We get to practice using our shield and digging into the safety of breath, propelling us to a deeper state of self trust, of self love.

On the Fourth, Independence day here in the Americas, we can settle into an expansive place of renewed interconnection and faith. Allow this lightness to act as your ground and see what stillness on the verge of movement feels like then?  Is it comfortable, or do you need something more solid?  Have no fears, because by the end of the week the energy shifts to supreme grounding, which opens your heart and allows for renewed commitment to your purpose path.

Enjoy the beginning of the energy this month!  It’s a throat chakra month….so it’s time to say what needs to be said.  Write what needs to be written.  Communication is key…after you have sat in stillness first of course!  Neck pain?  Lean into that and see what needs to be heard, written and expressed. At the end of this month, if you take these lessons to heart, my bet is things are going to feel much different, more grounded, and the stillness with undoubtedly turn more towards fantastically oriented action!


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