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It’s hard to not be affected by what’s going on around us right now…and perhaps bringing this up on my page doesn’t have anything to do with overtly with health…but I think it needs to be said.

I can say, as I watched this video below, I cried for the simple beauty of it.  The simple, obvious, clear, beauty.  So much of our daily conscious and unconscious thought is surrounded by making sense of the world by attaching labels…and so many of these labels end up taking us away from the real truth that is simply, we are all one.

Life is hard.  There is no  question.  And sometimes snap judgements allow us to feel safe in our own skin.  But when those labels start to create a reality based only on a snap judgement, and not based in any type of other reality…then it’s in our best interest to dissect those and figure out how we can shift.

So…please watch this, relax and open your mind to see the metaphors…and then perhaps explore where you can dismantle some labels in your world.  Where can you be more flexible?  Where can you open your heart to fear and anger and choose something else?  Try that on?  We not only owe it others…but we in the end, owe it to ourselves.