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It’s real good. Let’s remote view some stuff.

ImprimirSo.  I am in LOVE with doing distance work.  Or remote work.  Turns out they mean the same thing but to different people.  Look how much I’m learning these days!

I have been touching people professionally (I could have written that with so much less innuendo, but…wheres the fun in that?)  for over a decade now and while that is a love that will never be challenged by anything, there are pressures to keep increasing the price…Essential Oil prices go up, needle prices, rents…etc….  And while my treatments stay as grounded in overwhelming love as always, I can now touch people cyber-ly and charge WAY less and help in the ways that I crave helping and EVERYONE wins.

Now isn’t that real good?

So to make this work, what I need from you is to have a remote session, then spread the word because when more people are getting helped this way, then that makes the world a better place.  So you, directly, will be affecting the rotation of the Earth and health of the planet!

Yes, YOU!

What is a remote or distance session?  And why do you absolutely need one?  I’m so glad you asked!

I have a love of art and pictures and numerology and 20 years ago I was given my first tarot deck.  I bonded with it, and then bonded with others until I found my absolute favorite BFF deck 10 years ago.   Enough gushing about my relationship with a paper deck….the cards, for lack of a better word, talk to me.  They were one of my first cues that I was highly intuitive.  I would see something in the cards that others didn’t’ see, but it would resonate with them so completely and truly!

So after a decade learning what all the cards mean I decided that was only a tiny bit of the information coming through the cards, and looking at them intuitively actually gave me a fabulous story I could follow back and forth through time and space.  Yes, I just said that.

So we (you and I) get on Skype or Face Time and talk.  You have an issue you want to discuss, let me guess, it’s about love, or money?  Yeah, I’m that good.  So we take this issue and call in guides which will seem way cooler as I’m doing it…and then we throw a spread.  They are 9 cards.  And they tell me a story that you want to hear.

Once we are clear what your messages are….you lay down, and I do the remote work (also know as distance healing.)  I can plug in with you wherever in the world you are and give you an energy clearing and balancing.  I can do cranial sacral.  I can even call in the plant spirits of the Essential Oils and put them on you (people have emailed me after to tell me they smelled the very oil I used….I know…amazing.)

Then you watch as your life continues…and see how you’re different, or the situation is different.  And hopefully you are more amazing than ever, and that, my friends, is contagious!  So in your awesomeness…you have changed the world around you.  Hence, why it is important to share the work so others can be similarly loved upon!

That’s it.  I’m all ready for you.  I have a ton of experience and desire to help, but more importantly, I have a desire for the world to be filled with as much love and joy as it can…and I think your happiness and balance is the perfectmedicine for that!

I look forward to seeing you on Skype very soon….I’m really looking forward to it!