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Letting Go…It can be easier than you think?

You know that change happens, right?

I mean you know you can’t escape it, right?

I just wanted to get that out there.  So we are on the same page.

And what if I reminded you that we are like nature, and our seasons follow nature’s seasons…and ask you to close your eyes…wait…keep one eye open so you can keep reading this…

Relax, breathe, get comfy and warm and snuggly….and picture the scene outside. (I would take a picture of my yard, but it’s all Cedars…so it’s just not helpful…I hope you have more leaves to ponder than I do.)

The light is muted, the colors are intense, the wind is softly (or not so softly) blowing the leaves off the trees where they have a magical moment of flight until they land around your yard (don’t think about all the yard work…)

Just keep breathing and rewind just a moment.  Did you see it?  Did you see how easily that leaf went from being a part of the tree to transitioning in this elegantly wonderful way into being a part of the Earth?

That part.

That’s the ticket.  The money shot!

What if you could do that?

What if you could just see what needed to shift, what needed to be let go of, and exhale and gracefully float in a new direction?

That would be brilliant, is what that would be.

But what’s stopping you?  You have the attention of Mother Earth and all the energy of the season to simply, let go.

Want my recommendation?

Sure you do.  I mean it’s free advice, who doesn’t want free advice?

Make a list of all the things you have wanted to change. Put them into categories if this is a long time coming.  Then weight them, what would actually benefit your life the most?  Make a new list with this new ranking system.  Look across at all the top level ideas and weight them.  And then…make a plan.

Tap into the leaves outside your window and see how easy it can be, how graceful, how weightless, how magical.

And then fill that space with something new.  Whatever feuls your heart.  Whatever makes you feel amazing.

I can tell you…creating a filing system that actually works and letting go of what i’ve been doing is top of my list.  And I’m itching to get started…in fact, I gotta go….


Good LUCK!  And happy Autumn!