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Is it me?

I know my parents used to always say that time goes faster the older you get…but holy hell…time gets screaming fast the older you get!

I just had a birthday.  An amazing day of friends and family and love and abundance and fish tacos to rival any other out there. We danced on the beach with Lila of Beach Dance Maui with a pod of whales which stationed themselves right in front of us and popped off for the whole hour..singing and dancing with us!

And I could almost swear that since Tuesday life has sped up…just a little…but really really noticeably.  And I think this is the first birthday where I have felt that shift take place.

And so I am calling this one truth and slipping a gentle reminder on the waves to you that every moment is precious.  That every thought makes a difference.  That every action has a reaction…and what reactions do you want coming your way?

Mercury went direct today.  Today.  Did it feel a little lighter.  Or did the tail whip at you on your way out and grab you in for one more dance?  I myself burned a ton of Frankincense and Copal and cleansed and cleared and welcomed time in all her beauty to be my guide towards a fuller, happier, richer, more buoyant present life!

I can already feel it coming in!