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Turn that Irritation into a Pearl!

Life Purpose Numerology for the Week of August 5, 2015

It’s time to dream big and the world is your oyster!

So…there has been a lot of “angst” these past few days.  Have you felt it?  Lots of people who I count on being sweet have been unable to keep their cool in the most random of situations…actually…it’s biting me a bit too.  Why?  Well have you heard about how a pearl is formed in an oyster?  It’s actually protecting itself from an irritant.  That’s right…the sand bothers it so much after mussing with it, it becomes a pearl!

Well today asks us to look at the higher purpose of that energy.  What are we not seeing?  What have we been ignoring. What relationships are literally irritating our systems?  What is at the source of our irritation and how can we make that into a beautiful pearl? Our soul is urging us to pull information from whatever our higher source is and walk through it with practical feet until all those angsty feelings have left and we are returned back to our harmonious selves, bathed in pure flow.  How do we do that…well, we pull in the information and then let it go, find the yogic mind, find the neutral mind, sit in a space that is balancing and let it all go.  Don’t forget, this month is all about finding that adjustment and balance in our lives.  Things that have been plaguing us will come back to roost only so we know more decisively what we actually desire!

So then there is Saturday.  It’s a lions gate. 8-8-8 (2015=8).  This date coincides astrologically with the planet lining up directly with the galactic center…or the very center of the Milky Way.  This day is all about manifesting whatever you want.  It’s a trump card kind of day! Get out of your way.  Sit still for a moment and then get clear.  But then…take action!  Make a move that proves you know what you want and that you believe you can have it. I for one am going to the top of Haleakala to greet the sun and pull in as much Galactic Awsomeness as I can.  I recommend finding a special or even better sacred space and see how that shakes out for you!  I’m coming off that mountain with the most beautiful pearl you can imagine…of that I’m sure.

And finally, after a weekend of manifesting your dreams and coming into alignment with them we step into the week with pure mastery.  The radiant sun sits on our soul and asks us to the be the Kings and Queens of our kingdoms.  Take ownership and allow your shadows to dissipate in the light.  Share your truths and keep moving forward!  Because in the end, the only one who can shift your life is you.  And now my friend, is the time to do it!

Have an incredible week and I hope a truly powerful weekend!  I have no idea what’s on the other side of this Lion’s gate but I for one am really excited to find out!  I think there are going to be a lot more Pearls floating around the Oceans soon…

For a personal reading during this time of immense shift and change simply send an email or call from the contact page.  And for this Lion’s gate I’m offering a special price of $108….so if you’ve been thinking about a reading…this is the time to make it so!

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