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How can we escape it?  How can we not notice.  I know it comes up for half of us just because of this day, this one day a year whose meaning has been lost so many times if someone were to do a blind taste test…I’m sure they would choose the cheap generic version, and not the perfectly aged absolutely beautiful version.

You know what I mean right?  INTRO-spection?

Is it keeping you up at night?  Or showing up in your dreams?  Is it finding it’s way into your conversations before you even realize you are doing it?  Is it taking up spaced usually reserved for checking out completely?  Is it sitting the sugar plum fairies down and having a real, in depth life changing discourse?

What is?  What am I going on about?

Yes, it has everything to do with Venus in retrograde…but even more than that…it has to do with THIS solstice.  With this Moon.  With this time….with right now.

Why?  Why now?

Because we are ready.

You are ready.

For what?  What am I dancing around?


You are ready for you.

Yes, you.  Don’t look around for someone behind you.  I’m talking about YOU.

That thing you were supposed to do.  That idea?  The unfinished business.  The phone call you have been putting off.  The drink you meant to stop drinking.  The self criticism that doesn’t seem to feel right anymore…this.  This is the stuff.  The manna.  The pure green vital amazing juice of life.

Drink it up.

Move it.

Do it.

It’s the time.  It’s the season.  It’s the energy just begging you to stop procrastinating and finish what you started.

And then you know what?

Well…you will just have to see what happens on the other side.

It’s just a small step…I know it looks huge, but hunker down and look from all angles and then I think you’ll see it’s not as daunting as you believed at first.

Trust me.

I have a good sense about this.  And have been taking the huge steps myself and when i turn around they look so tiny and I remember they actually were.  And then I re-frame and the next step is soooo easy.

Trust me.

And I should warn you there may be anger on the other side…And there are healthy ways to deal with that.  Punching pillows, screaming in the woods, being authentic with people and not swallowing your feelings, laughter….all these release it bit by bit.

And there may be grief.  What a beautiful gift.  And your tears may seem endless, but they aren’t.  They are being returned to the Earth, what a blessing.  And they are making space for Joy.  Joy that has been missing.  Joy there was no room for.  And LOVE.  There will be so much space for LOVE!

I’ll see you on the other side.

You’ll see.

I’ll have lemonade.  Or hot chocolate.  Your choice!