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I’m a Relaxation Specialist

Did you know that I am a Relaxation Specialist? Did you know that I help you relax into your deepest state of bliss and from there ask your body what it needs to be whole? What it needs to thrive? And from there…don’t you know…anything is possible.

Did you know that I see energy?  I see it everywhere but when you are on my table I see it in you.  And your energy beckons me to help you shift.  Sometimes with breath.  Sometimes with smells.  Sometimes with showing you old memories… It’s always different because you are different in every breath.

Did you you know that even hurts you can remember from childhood can be reframed?  Old injuries long forgotten that contribute to this and that can be rewoven?  Can be retold?  Did you know that your body longs for balance and if placed on a journey towards balance will skip along with childlike abandon and take you with it.

Did you know that I am a Relaxation Specialist?  It’s what I do.  I see the currents that take you deeper.  Let you fall into your joy and ruminate there.  And while you are there, swimming in the sunshine of your beauty and grace that shift happens.  And in that shift you become whole.  And when you are whole….you heal the planet and every soul on it.

Did you know that by healing yourself you were doing so much good for everyone?  Did you know that by coming inside you would effect change on such a huge playing field?

Come on in and let’s play.  You just relax, sink deeper onto the table, deeper into yourself.  And I will hold space for the rest.

Join me at my new beautiful clinic in downtown Bellingham. I’ll meet you there.


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