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I love LOVE…don’t you?

And as a lover of love I do as much as I can to foster love everywhere I go.

(Except when I’m in the throws of road rage, waiting too long in an unnecessary line, or on hold, or at the bank, or any other thing that activates my not-so-loving-in-this-moment alarm.)  What?  I also believe in full disclosure!

The Dalai Lama I am not.

But I do spend quite a lot of time in treatments opening and balancing hearts.  I also spend a lot of time in meditation checking in on my heart and it’s defenses and working on making those more transparent and aligned with being a lover of love.

And this is why I wrote my book.  It’s not about acupuncture.  Or energy necessarily.  But it is about what we all crave, finding and keeping love.  And what I learned in my own personal journey down this path was about a million amazing lessons…

Here was the first and hardest.

Twice a day I set a timer for 2 minutes, I took off my glasses and got my face really close to the mirror in my bathroom and i said over and over again, “I love you.”

Here’s the truth.  It took me 2 YEARS to be able to look into my eyes and say it without feeling like a total fraud.  My eyes kept darting around like I was a dog who just got found eating something off the kitchen table and you’re trying to look in his eyes.  2 years it took me.

But I stayed with it because it seemed mighty telling that I couldn’t do it.

I’m happy to say, I can look in the mirror all day and basically make out with myself I love myself so much…and that is the way it should be!

So, I did that for two years.  Then I continued to fail at finding love…but I kept loving myself in the mirror…and then…all of a sudden I cracked the code and learned how to date.

You know that moment in time when you figure out how to take multiple choice tests?  It was that kind of moment.

And then taking tests became fun, right?  And then dating became fun…and then the love that I had inside me beamed right out and attracted a man who also had that same vibration of love…and boom…synchronized love bomb.

I’m all over the place and I guess because this book is a lot of beautiful things.  It is designed so that in the end you will have all the tools necessary to love yourself…and also attract someone who will love you back.  AKA Love Bomb.

And it’s also irreverent.  I mean, I wrote it.

And it’s fun.  I mean, I wrote it.

And it’s really insightful, thank goodness.

And I don’t want to spend much time on my business site promoting a personal project, but I just feel like it came out of an extension of the work I do helping people open their heart center…so perhaps it’s just an evolutionary step of my work…and not just a super super fun book.

I hope you buy it, read it, love and it and promote it. I also hope after you read that you review it on Amazon…or blog about it…or whatever feels right to you. I am self published, so I rely on friends and fans to make it a success…and I thank you so much for being such an integral part of the journey!

Happy New Moon in Cancer…may it open your heart and fill it with all the goodness your soul dreams about and the universe has in store for you!

You can buy the ebook version here now….the paperback will be out in the next two weeks…I’ll keep you posted if you send me an email and let me know you are interested at healing (at) elishaweinberg (dot) com.