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How to Open your hearts to Venus…

It’s hard not to feel poetic on a day like today. The sky opening and rain flooding the earth, washing it all away. Much like being celestially moon bathed by the mother, hand caressing the side of your face, reassuring that all is well, all is as it should be.

Today we get to literally be baked by the energies of Venus. Planet of love and poetry and creativity and open-hearted connection.

And this once every hundred and some odd year blessing comes on the heals of such great tragedy here in my home, and many of yours.

I’m reminded of how you don’t hear a hot tub motor until right before it turns off. There is a “boom” before the silence. And in that silence…is balance.

I am a student of tarot. It’s messages sing loud and clear to me (usually) and today more then ever my circle of women who study pulled this.  And what does this say?  To jump to the end, Cliffs notes style  (if you don’t have 12 minutes or the interest to watch)  Balance is here, but you have a few choices about how you experience it.  You can either let the imbalance go.  Or it will be forceably stripped from you.

Let me back up.  The analogy that is working best is about water.  Remember when you were a kid or an adult or saw a movie of someone in the water who rides a wave to the shore.  They are balanced and somehow protected in the wave, in the water, in the motion.  Now remember a time when it didn’t go so right?  When the water disoriented you, shoved you into the sand or worse–you had no idea which was up?  You got water up your nose, it burned and was hard to breathe?

That’s what I mean.  We are at a crossroads in life where we get to make a few choices.  We can go with ease and grace, allow the changes to flow around and through us without a fight.  Change our patterns in mid-stream, be flexible.  Or we can be pushed under and fight and try as we might to find our way back to balance.

Some will argue that is always the case, and that is true.  The difference is that the energies around us now are actually supporting us to strip ourselves bare and from the deepest parts of ourselves, shift.

I don’t know about you…but I’m ready.  I’m ready to stop repeating lessons, each time getting another little piece of the puzzle.  I’m ready to let it all go and open my heart and be available to everything!  I’m ready to welcome the energy of the mother, of Venus into my bones and beyond–lightening the load–filling me instead with the light of inspiration, of poetry, of community, of beauty, of love.

And so, around 5pm PST, we get to see what in fact we are ready for.

I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping my dream journal and a brand new pen by my bed tonight!

Beautiful Venetian dreams to you sweet friends.  Beautiful, creative, inspiring, poetic Venetian dreams!