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How to keep your dream going when the enthusiasm starts to dwindle…The next secret to having everything you ever dreamed of!

Big words..Manifest….Create…..Explore….Visualize.

Big words. Big ideas.  HUGE outcomes…if you can keep up the enthusiasm!

What happens in that space<strong> between</strong> being totally jazzed about your idea and getting everything ready and building all the energy and then letting your amazing intention loose into the universe to unravel at the exact right time and speed and velocity lighting up exactly when it’s supposed to….

And that moment when it’s supposed to?

Here is quite possibly the most important part of manifesting. The most important part of having everything you really want.

Did you ever see the movie “The Secret?” It was relatively lame, I’ll give you that…and all the rumors and I”ll spare you that part…but there was one scene that was totally brilliant. (I tried to find it on YouTube for you…but alas, there are some things you can’t find on there.)

Here’s the scene…
A boy wants a bike really really badly. And every day he is thinking about the bike, and drawing the bike, and looking at a picture of the bike…and he’s been doing this for a while and he gets frustrated because he’s not getting one…so he throws the photo away all crumpled up.

Change to a time lapse view of a flower under ground. It shows the flower growing up and growing up and becoming and becoming and it reaches the soil. And this is the most intense part of the flowers journey…because somehow it has to push through the soil to get into the light to bloom into being….

The narrator goes on to say that the flower doesn’t know to “give up” it just keeps moving towards its goal.

They switch back to the little boy and say that it’s true, the hardest part of manifesting is that moment right before you are to get/become the thing you’ve been dreaming of.

The boy misses looking at the photo of the bike every second, so he gets it out of the trash…and miraculously, his “Way too old Dad” gives him the bike of his dream.

And this is it. This is true! I can’t think of a single thing I wanted to have or become that at the last moment didn’t seem impossible, improbable, unattainable. And those things that really meant something to me I pushed on with fierce determination. With every fiber of my being I pushed on. And before long there was a change and before long I had what I wanted even if it wasn’t on my terms…there it was…almost like a miracle.

I know you are getting sick of my running analogies…but when I’m on my longer runs there comes a time when I know I’m either going to die, or fall over…but if I can find something in myself to push me on…I find a peace and a pace that almost feel weightless (I said almost.)

So that’s it then. If it’s getting hard…you are almost there…and if you can believe that you are going to have it…you will.  Isn’t that wonderful…it’s the universe’s little milestone for you…letting you know you’re almost at the end of the race…suddenly when it gets hard, it actually feels good!

So get to dreaming will you! The world needs more dreamers! (Yes…I am referring to the <a title=”Neverending Story” href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adBmLtE4wwg” target=”_blank”>Neverending Story</a>….)