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How do you walk with the Divine?


I should begin by saying that EVERYONE is capable of connecting in with the divine…in whatever capacity you want.

Why would you want to?  This is a blog post and not a novel, so let’s keep it short and sweet and say, “Because.”

(Pretend that’s  good enough answer for you and read on please…it will make sense.)

Don’t believe me?

I used to be you.  (And I am still the hardest sell out there by the way, I know you wouldn’t guess that from me, but I need a direct experience of something to believe it’s validity.)  I used to think things were the way they were.  I used to think that what I saw existed and that was that.  I used to think that life was about making money and having a family and growing old and retiring.

How limiting, right?  To have it spelled out like that?  I just yawned re-reading that….

Luckily, something happened in my life to wake me up.  For me, it was writing.  I always wrote sappy poetry.  Some short personal stories.  But one day, I was filled with the need to write a memoir.  I was only 22.  I had no reason to do this, yet I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to.  And I did it.  Though I wanted to quit often…I didn’t.  And when I was done, and read it….I decided it was just for me.  A little road map of my life so I could see what I was doing.  I saw all the circles I had put myself in and really, for the first time, took a conscious step out of the box, and onto my path.

Then, not long after, I was introduced to Tarot.  And Astrology.  The Astrology was more of a curiosity, but the Tarot cards talked to me from the first time I picked them up.  My sister gave me a deck wrapped in a silk scarf and they hummed.  I would have many decks before finding the one that sang in my ears and mind and heart.

It took many many years to know the information coming through the cards for me was from source.  Was from a divine wellspring.  That I could easily tap into the cards because they tell a story…and that is my super power…story telling.

There are purists out there that believe that a pure channel from source directly to them is the best way to access divine information…but just like those who think the only way to meditate is to focus on your breath for hours–they are frankly, misguided.

There is no right way.  To anything.

We are taught to sit up straight.  And how to have table manners.  And not to talk back.  And all these rules so we have a society that functions in a predictable manner, but what I am learning here from Mamma Maui is–that is the biggest misconception of all.  Every time we do something out of habit, or because we are told to, we lose sight of the buckets of information around us constantly informing us.

And it’s in that information where we will find our most precious connection this lifetime.  Each time we learn to listen to the signs, to see the synchronicities…then we are getting closer and closer to our personal truth.  AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR.

So, I ask again…How do you walk with the Divine?  How do you listen?  How do you connect?  Sometimes I feel really clear answers to questions come through when I’m taking a hot shower.  I know others have to be sitting in meditation.  Others connect when doing intense physical exercise like skiing, or surfing.  Some connect through Mantra.  Others through singing.  Some among nature.  Others bird watching.  There is no right way.

Let me say that again….there is no right way.

I’d like to continue this conversation in my next post about connecting in with joy and passion…but for now, just as a suggestion…pay attention to the little things that seem like a coincidence.  See what happens when you engage with them.  See what happens when you don’t.

What harm is there in exploring?