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Holy Crown Chakra Batman!

I’m not an astrologer, nor do I write about astrology with words like square and strings of planets before or after, but what I am…is VERY sensitive.

So let me tell you….I am feeling this. And by this…I mean this.

Did you read it? I’ll wait.

Ok. First, never dismiss the perfectly timed messages of a yogi tea bag. That’s just silly.

Second….I was doing my morning mantra and the most beautiful meditation washed right over me, filled me, and then expanded me exponentially.

May I share?



I was sitting and doing my mantra and thinking about my crown chakra…I wanted to see what I was feeling, when all of  sudden my energy turned into a giant red tulip, with a dark green stem and big beautiful Spring in Seattle green petals that elegantly arched out form my body and kept wrapping more and more around the planet.

When I focused on the tulip flower I saw it opening wide and with each inhale the breath of the universe came deeper into my flower and opened and unwound me.  It was magical and beautiful.

When I looked at my stalk I breathed it down deeper and deeper into the earth.

And when I put them all together I felt the universe breathe me into my crown, my heart expand into the petals that kept encircling the earth, and my stalk descending and becoming more held in the bosom of the Earth. I was held so deliciously in the middle of earth and sky, weightless while totally grounded. YUM!

As you can imagine, I was basically in meditation heaven, and if it wasn’t for my dog stepping right on my belly I think I could have stayed there all morning.  But clearly he wanted me to get this message out to you so you too can enjoy the expansion of the final 7th Uranus Pluto square…(whatever that means.)

I hope today and everyday brings you closer to your truth, and that truth opens your soul to unlimited possibilities that fuel your existence!