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Heart Trumps All this Week!

Life Purpose Numerology for the week of June 17th:

Aligning your heart with your personal integrity trumps all this week!

The lessons for the Month of June ask you to look clearly and deeply at your personal integrity. And here we are at the end. Not only the end of the month, but a new Moon and the summer Solstice to boot. All eyes are on you now. And by all eyes, I mean yours! How do you measure up? How well have you answered the call to do the right thing physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Today we shift into the 6 of the 6 which means it is the day to come inside and take note of what you find. Strong Personal Integrity looks like self love. Looks like a connection with your needs and thoughts and emotions and then acting from the heart. It looks like keeping commitments. It looks like taking care of your personal spaces and your home.

How are you doing? How can you tug on your soul just a little for some direction and steam for the last push….

Have no worries if you aren’t feeling it, because by the Summer Solstice on the 21st your inner nature and compass will naturally take over, asking you to come inside and see things from a more positive and connected lens. With the foundation of your inner truth seeker, you will naturally open in the heart and share your positivity and feel that much needed heart connection, allowing you to know more clearly just who you are in this topsy-turvy world!

The gifts through the end of this month continue to lie with the urge to connect through the heart. Each time you react with self love and the desire to connect out of personal integrity, you pull yourself even more into the universal flow of this adjustment. It’s an energy you have known for lifetimes. Use the full sun of the solstice to bake this knowingness into your current incarnation and feel how easy it becomes to look in the mirror and truly love not only yourself, but even those you felt you didn’t.


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