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Full Moon: Grab it and Make it Yours!

I know you can feel the absolute pull to dig into yourself and pull out the best and brightest parts of you, right?  I mean it’s like there’s this inner knowingness that maybe has been stifled for a long time, or maybe has never participated in your life yet.  So this fire…this need to do things differently feels strange or maybe like an old friend you wondered where they buggered off to!

I know I’m not alone, and I know if you step back and take a deep breath, and ground you will feel that inner stirring as well!

Heed the call.

Sunday is the fourth and final Eclipse of a long time of this energy building within us.  This eclipse portal is like a beacon shining on everything you want for your life with the added benefit of a spark of a plan to make it happen.

Yes…you have that constellation of knowingness inside you.  Yes, even you, you over there, behind that tree, you have just as much right and intuition when it comes to what you desire as everyone else!

What makes this time so special?  Well…as you know the equinox was last night (depending where you live) which is this sweet spot of balance in light and dark.  This harmonious energy of a certain kind of stillness allows for the energy that swirls to feel even more alive than usual….because it’s grounded in balance.

So what happens when you are standing in an eclipse portal that opened a few weeks ago and is building to Sunday?  What do you do with that?  You feel.  That’s what you do.  You feel and react accordingly.  Not how you usually act, but how you are guided to react.

For instance…signs and synchronicities that are perfectly placed just for you may be in full swing right now.  Don’t ignore them, move with them, allow them to be a dialogue you are having with yourself.

It’s fun, it engenders trust…and it takes you on a ride you may not have been expecting.

What else?  Hold onto yourself.  Know who you are.  What makes you tick.  Know what you need and desire so you can make choices that bring you closer to that.  Focus on what’s good in your life, and what you want or want more of.  Let that be where all of your thoughts reside.  Don’t look back.  Just be present!

You are in a portal of extreme transformation that is asking, no begging….maybe even challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and be who you came here to be.

Yes, I’m going to plug Life Purpose Numerology here because if you don’t know what that direction looks like, let me show you.  It’s probably not what you think.  And it’s guaranteed to blow your mind 🙂

What else?  There are relationships you need to start and maybe more importantly, ones you need to complete.  Do it.  How do you know if you need to un-friend someone from Facebook and your life in general? …I think if you are wondering than that person you are thinking about right now is exactly who I’m talking about.  I just unfriended a slew of folks from Facebook and man…let me tell you…it feels GOOOOOD!

What else?  Watch out for shadow.  Watch out for stuff that comes out of your closet and tries to minimize you, tries to make you feel small.  This is not the time for that (not that we ever want to feel that way) but this is a time to be in your power and walk with a purpose befitting a light body destined to be here in its full expression of self.

Yes, that’s you, you behind the tree…I’m talking to you!

This is an amazing time, and I’m not an astrologer, I just play one the interweb but I am very sensitive to whats swirling around us…and I’m hearing from all my astrologer friends that the speed with which all these amazing astrological feats is happening is unparalleled.  And I believe that.

But we have learned to roll with it, haven’t we?  We have learned to let it go!  We have learned to breathe.  We have learned to not take it personally.  And so now…here in the end of this two year eclispe patterning of blood moons….we are ready to step into our power and make it ours.  We are ready to ask for what we want and see it materialize before our very eyes.  We are ready to shine!

My advice, take the next few days before this full moon and look inside.  What haven’t you dealt with?  Journal it.  Go to a body of water and throw it away.  Write it down and burn it.  Take the items in your home that are charged with anything you don’t want around you and give them away or bury them!  Get clear.  Crystal clear.  So when the light hits you it will pass through and twirl around and fill you up, and you will be changed.  You will be, even if only for a moment, everything you are meant to be.