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For everyone for Mother’s Day!

You may not know that I used to have rosacea.  It was obnoxious.  And any time I put anything on my face it burned.  Bad.

And then about 10 years ago or so I was introduced to OHA and Spirit of Beauty.  It’s made in Bellevue by the lovely Martha Buldain, and it’s organic and yummy and paraben free and uses the BEST essential oils out there.

Anyway, I still use it religiously all these years later. Organic skin care companies have come and gone, but this one healed my skin.  My face is no longer plagued with red veiny lines and I support a local mixologist of the highest caliber.

My favorite part is that Matthew (my man) always seems to be waiting outside the door when I finish up after a shower.  And as soon as I open the door he pulls me into a big hug and smells my face and says every day, “My favorite smell in the world is your face after a shower.”

It’s pretty sweet.

And I got to thinking.  Mother’s day is coming up…and we all have Mothered something or someone.  A pet, a plant, a person…whatever.  So we all deserve to treat ourselves with something crazy special this month.  And if we’re lucky, we deserve to be adored by those who are close enough to smell us.

So I called Martha…the mixologist extraordinaire.  And I told her I wanted to offer my special blog readers and fb fans and whatnot a discount so they can treat themselves to something beautiful and special and sexy for Mothers day.

She said.  You bet!  And so my sweet friends, go to OHASKIN.com, and at the checkout type in Yummy20…and take 20% of your order.  Offer good until May 12.

You will not at all be disappointed.  And if you don’t know what to buy, call them and they will walk you through what would be best for your skin.

But if you want to know what I use.  I start with the coconut cleanser which feels like rubbing the softest silk across your skin.  Then I use the sugar scrub (I just use it on my nose so it stays smooth and not icky bumpy.).  Outside the shower I use a toner, then the INC (which is this amazing oil type serum that coats the skin and makes you look years younger…scouts honor.) Then I finish with a CoQ10 cream that rocks this world.  (Of course I have a night cream as well for…well, night washings.)

If you have really damaged skin you are probably going to want to swap out the INC for IHAC which is INC’s pricier sister and affectionaty labeled by me “Liquid Gold.”  I used it for years and it is what really healed my skin.

And to top it off…Martha is all a perfumer.  Which means she is making some of the worlds only non-toxic perfumes.  She just finished and shipped to me (because she loves me) her new fragrance called Eau D’OHA.  I don’t think I will ever be without it.  For those of us that gave up the falsehood of perfume years ago (Oh, my old CK1 days…) but miss that finishing touch, this is for you!  You can once again brighten the room, but this time when people smell you they will be washing off years of synthetic smells lodged in their brain and reminding themselves what real nature smells like.  What a favor you will be doing for these yet unknown strangers!

I don’t think it’s for sale yet…but I bet if you bug her and per-order she will get it ready faster.  And trust me, you want it.

So that’s what I have to offer you all.  Men, women, children….everyone will love it.  And you are healing the Earth, and shopping locally, and getting one of the most wonderful products I have ever had the pleasure of loving.

Remember, OHASKIN.com, and coupon code is Yummy20.  (And if you buy more than $49 it ships for free!)  (Also, I just went online and they have an awesome selection of stuff special for Mother’s day already on sale…so you get extra off that and you don’t have to think about a thing!)

Enjoy sweet friends~you are just a few clicks away from feeling and smelling truly beautiful.