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I can feel it all around me now.

There is a calm.  It’s palpable.  It has heat yet it’s cool.  Refreshing.

I feel like an outsider to this calm.

So long my world has been in chaos of one form or another…and this…ease…feels like something foreign.  Like I’m looking from the outside in.

It’s hard to keep the stories going.  It’s hard to stay in an old reality when the wind blows so strongly that it pulls that ancient thought from the bones.

When the sun burns so brightly that it evaporates the thoughts.

When the pace seems to slow you down but the smiles make you stop and smile back.

Ease is such a funny thing.  It requires no effort.

How much EFFORT do we put into our days.  How much energy does that require.

Well when you stop efforting…there is a huge space left.  A cavern of….nothing.

And you quickly want to fill it right back up with something…but at least I….am not.

There can be nothing to do.  For just a moment.  And you can make that moment feel like a million moments if it comes from a place of ease.

My first week on Maui has been full of transition.  Living on an island.  Living in community.  New place to work with new expectations.  New animals.  New plants.  New foods.  New food stores!  New weather.  New water.  New language.

And each one of these things spins me in a different direction.  And it’s disorienting….and yet….letting go of that….I slipped into this place of ease. I’m not as much of an outsider…not as much.

It’s not a place of not caring…quite the opposite.  But there is an element of….detachment.  And not of checking out.  There is a whiff of solitude wrapped around constant interaction.  There is an openness, a softness that I myself have been working on opening slowly for the past many years.  Here…it just flourishes.


I don’t know if I can tell you how to do it, or even explain how gorgeous it is.  But that is what I have found here after one week.  That is the primary lesson so far.

And let me tell you, the energy moves fast here…Mama Maui does not play around…unless of course she is being playful.

I have been giving treatments at Lumeria.  Last Friday I began…and wowzers.  Talk about Ease and Energy and Movement and Aliveness and Connection.  Yes.

So for today, as I sit here….putting some thoughts down on a journey that has just begun…a person who is a healer who is getting healed and becoming a person…I offer you the idea of finding if even for a moment….a space of ease.  A thought of ease.  A practice of ease.  And see if it doesn’t crack you open just a little…in all the right ways.