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Don’t forget the stillness!

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Welcome the Wisdom Wednesday Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the week of June 25, 2015.

Wow! That was some Solstice, huh?

Seated amidst this lesson of our Arc Line, the energy that surrounds us like a protective shield… we begin this week fully planted in the middle, in the quiet, in the stillness that’s within the movement. The High Sun, Full Yang energy urges us to move but there is a hand that gently asks us to sit, to take it all in first, to get comfortable in the meditation, to let go of what we think we know in order to make room for all we don’t.

This week we embody the energy of openness, of the pause. It allows our souls to teach us, to show us all the areas we have been rushing through. It allows the movement that follows to come from a larger, more integrated auric space which has found alignment from our channel of stillness, from the beat that hasn’t dropped yet. Coming inside and sitting and exploring with our minds first creates a deep channel to the other side and what follows is a surety of movement!

And what do we get from this meditation when we would rather be out playing in the sun? We see with unabashed clarity the connections that were hidden from us before. We see a new spin on an old song. We see creativity unbound and more importantly we open ourselves up to receive as much as we give.

And from that place we find a balance that allows us to open to the divine. By the end of this week we find a connection to our soul that craves as much expansion as we can offer! We may find we need a few micro-adjustments and rebalances to find a comfortable, solid footing…but then, when we jump into this summer energy…there is no stopping us!

Finding that stillness in the motion is what this week calls for. The reward…the reward is as big as you can dream. And I think the new connections that present themselves will make up for any slow starts you may be perceiving.

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