Donley Sissom, L.Ac.

I see the body as the purest reflection of healing wisdom ever created. My goal is to help every single person I work with to reconnect with their inner healing wisdom to not only live a life with less (or no) pain, but also a life of meaning and joy.

Every cell in your body holds the power of self-regulation and the ability to cooperate with the rest of your body. Throughout the struggles of life, your cells are pushed and prodded sometimes to the point of forgetting how to self-regulate and co-exist with the Whole You.

My role is to serve as a guide who is here to offer suggestions and remind all the cells in your body how to work together so that you may come forth and blossom.

You can expect me to be attentive, to be inquisitive, and to use my skills to the best of my ability. I constantly strive to improve through study and reading. I will meet you as a person, not as a “diagnosis.” Each of us are far more than our diagnoses and issues.

My ultimate purpose is to aid my patients in finding and sustaining their fullest health, achieve and maintain their optimum weight, and age with dignity.

Aside from helping others, I enjoy spending time with my family, woodworking, gardening, and exploring the natural wonders of our Northwest.