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Do You Still Need Health Insurance?

This is a practical post.  Sorry.

If you, like me, tried to get health insurance through the website with the rest of the United States and got bumped and then couldn’t select the plan you wanted…then I have news for you.

Did you know that money is built INTO those plans for an agent fee?  That means there are human beings that are standing by, ready to assist you for FREE.

Let me say that again.  If you go to a place that brokers health insurance…they will get you set up hassle free for free.

Yes.  I’m sure.  I just did it yesterday.

And as you know, I’m not a fan of health care…but if you don’t use a broker…then the health insurance company gets that earmarked money.  You don’t get lower fees, they just get more money.

So.  When you go through a broker….they are your assistant.  And if you run into snafoos…they can help.  In theory they know their away around the system…but more importantly they are paid to be put on hold for hours.  You are not.

A simple search with your zip code and health insurance brokers should put you in the right direction.

I hope this helps.  The deadline for getting insurance set up is looming.  If you don’t choose a plan you will be charged $150/mo penalty.  So pick a plan and get covered and get help from a friendly broker!

You’re welcome and may the force be with you.

P.S.  Sign up now because the first day you are covered is going to be April 1.  They are really backed up…it’s only going to get further out!