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DIY Almond Milk! Simply Amazing.

Did you ever look at the label on your Almond Milk?  It has carrageenan in it.  Do you know what that is?

Yes…it is derived from seaweed…my new friend…supreme Iodine source….but once you DERIVE something, you change it…and this change is not one of those we look forward to.

Carrageenan is used as an emulsifier…a thickener…and it does a great job…but guess what else it emsulifies….?  You!  It is a HUGE source of inflammation in your body.

So…what can we do about this?  (First I should mention that Almonds are one of the leading sources of water depletion…they require so much water to grow….and the non-organic almonds and simply riddled with pesticides…and yet…here i am…telling you how to use them anyway.

But I’d rather you use them safely, then keep adding this inflammatory non-necessary additive to your beautiful bodies.  Also…Almonds are loaded with fiber, protein, magnesium and Vitamin E.

So….since I haven’t found another nut milk that I like better…I make my own.  And it’s crazy easy.  And super fun actually…because you get to use words like, “Nut Milk Bag.”  Which makes the 12 year old girl in me giggle.

Awesome DIY Almond Milk Directions.

  1.  Soak two cups of almonds in clean purified water with at least a half tsp of sea salt for 24 hours.  You can empty this water and put in fresh after 12 hours with more sea salt if you’d like (This helps pull out the pesticides and also their is an enzyme in the brown skins that makes them indigestible to a lot of folks..and this soaking removes that!)
  2. When you are soaked, give them a good wash in fresh water and drain
  3. Put in your Vitamix or other high powered blender
  4. Add 5 cups of Fresh Water
  5. A sprig of fresh vanilla bean (I buy bourbon ones) or you can use Vanilla Extract also—start out with a tsp and change on further batches to your desired flavor.
  6. Add 3 fresh dates
  7. Add a tsp or fresh ground sea salt
  8. Blend
  9. Put your Nut Milk Bag or cheesecloth in a big bowl and pour the milk into the bag
  10. Squeeze until you get most of the milk out (This can be as much fun as you make it 🙂
  11. Then you can pour it into a cute little old fashioned Milk jar….Mine looks like this.  homemade_almond_milk3
  12. You can save the meal…it is almond meal after all…and make gluten free treats with it


So easy.  So amazing.  I have a Rose Tincture I buy from Floracopeia that add to mine and feel basically like a goddess.

I buy these Weck Jars at World Market. Super Fun. Super Sassy.