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Distance Healings…Answering the Call!


IMG_3781I know…I miss you too.  Remember that time we had that session and the clarity of the issue came front and center…and you couldn’t believe that was part of my work?

I do.

And I keep remembering it every time I get a sweet email telling me you miss my treatments and asking when I will be back in Seattle.

So I thought….That first bit…I can do that from everywhere.  And hey, I’m a channel…so I can lock the information in with distance energy work.

So I called a few friends who are very sensitive and I gave them treatments over Skype to see if I was imagining it, or if I really could pull up the energy grid of a person 3,000+ miles away and give them a treatment.

Turns out I can!

Everyone, it is my absolute pleasure to report Elisha’s magic knows no geographic limitations! We skyped across 5,023 miles and the impact and shift that occurred for me as a result of our session was just as profound as one of her remarkable in-person treatments. Her insights were spot-on, as in X marks the spot to some personal-breakthrough-treasure! Her ability to tune in and get to the heart of the matter is unparalleled. What I loved most is how well she is able to anchor the realizations of the session into my energy field, allowing me to revel in feeling more centered and integrated. So glad I no longer need a plane to experience Elisha’s Brilliance!

-J. Fish

Here’s how it goes.  Some people can sit and hear information, which I do sometimes if the stars are aligned just right.  And some people use tools.  For instance the tuning forks talk back to me…I can see how much interference or qi is on a point and then decide how that affects the rest of your system.

But my loudest information comes through intuitive Tarot.  The pictures literally speak to me.  I have a relationship with them and they are as clear as day (well, a day on Hawaii…maybe not a day in Seattle.)

The session starts by me seeing you and getting uber excited about that!  Then I calm down and we call in guides to help us channel information more clearly.

This may come as a shock to you because before I moved to Maui I always did this part silently…but since being in the land of Woo-Woo I have learned that saying it out loud is actually incredibly important.  So I will do that, and you will no longer be shocked because I told you it was going to happen. Then we will pick an ascendant master card for you.  That has been instrumental for people, and gives you an energy to tap into after the session, for help integrating all the goodness we will uncover for you.

Next, I pull 9 tarot cards.  7 for each of the major chakras, and two additional to look more closely into how your heart is expressing itself in the world.  Then we go through these.  I show you the card over Skype and then we discuss and pull it all together.  I will text you the photo of the entire spread…

Then we conclude, and hang up…and you lay down for ten minutes.  I will be doing energy medicine from Maui and anchoring the shifts into your field.  It’s pretty magical and kinda intense.  When you are ready, get up and breathe and check your email.  I will have sent you the highlights of what we talked about.

“My distance session with Elisha was both fun and totally insightful.  The energy work left me refreshed and clear…literally my eyes were bigger from the work and my body completely energized!”

-K. Koepcke


I am so very excited to offer this work for you.  I was trying to figure out how I could stay involved in the lives of people I have grown with for many years…and also how to connect with so many more that I have yet to meet.

Coming back to Seattle for two weeks twice a year isn’t enough time….but now…time is infinite.

The sessions for a limited time are $85/hour and can be paid for on my website through paypal.  But email me first to schedule so we have you locked on the calendar!

I’m so excited to hear your feedback about the sessions and also excited for you to share them with others you know (when you fall in love with them of course!)

As always…what a treat, gift, reward, and blessing to know you…assist you…and walk this path in whatever capacity we are able!

Aloha and see you soon!