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Day 4: The sweeter side…..

If the universe is using me as a tool to show the way that rapid mind shift leads to rapid reward…well…thank you universe.

You may remember that my last post I confessed to a back slide where I did in fact allow stress to not only come into my life but entered it back into my bed like a cherished lover.

But then I was onto it’s lying deceitful ways…and I chucked it to the curb in favor of allowing adorable baby kittens to be born somewhere in the world.  I think that brings us up to speed.

So When I woke up on Day 4 of my STRESS fast, and brewed a batch of Quan Yin Tea and my lover slid a beautiful breakfast in front of me…I knew something was going to be different.

And not to belabor the point, and not to get into too many specifics because I don’t sign the paperwork until 3 today…and you know…jinxing and all…but in a span of four hours—my entire reality shifted.

80% of the unsettled parts of my life that IF I was allowing them into my body would have created stress…just lined up, and disappeared.

I didn’t think this was going to be another lesson in manifesting, but that is what happened, and here is what I did to receive such quick and profound feedback.

Let the List B E G I N…… (If I had sparkles or some trick to do, I would do it here, so please use your imagination.)

I acknowledged that stress is just drama I’m making up in my head.

I threw it out…sometimes lovingly, sometimes with brute force.

I kept one eye on the prize, not by just thinking about it, but making active steps towards achieving what I wanted…over and over again.  (I’ll talk more about that one after I’m done listing, I love lists.)


I simultaneously trusted and let go.

And then I received.

And yes, there is still more.  I’m working on the job thing. And the more patients thing now that I have changed up my business model and I’m moving away from Ayaffa branding and getting back to basics, but I’m using the same approach and have every belief that will right itself in the very near future.

So I just want to touch on one little thing.  Sometimes examples make the best teachers.  The most uncertain part of process was three-fold.  I had to find renters for my current house or I would have two rents to pay when I moved (long story).  I would have to find a place for me and my partner and our cat to live.  And I would have to find a place to treat my beautiful patients.  Then pack and move.  All in two weeks.

That could have gotten overwhelming.

But I fixed that one eye on the prize, which was finding all three at once.  And here is how I did it.

Once an hour I searched craigslist for rentals.  If I saw something I liked I emailed or called if there was a number and made a plan to go as quickly as I could.  I didn’t freak out or get tweaky, I just found things I liked and went to look. If it was already gone, I knew it wasn’t supposed to be mine (even though there was this place in Leschi….oh…I wanted that place.) Anyway, I knew immediately if they were a fit or not, and 20 or so of them were not.

To rent my place I kept it always clean and made myself available anytime I wasn’t having clients to show it.  I urged my landlord to re-post every day and I wrote the text that went with the ad.  (We had no showings with his text and over 15 in four days when I wrote the text.)

I never freaked out.  I never thought I was going to be homeless.  Or office-less.  I never entertained the idea that the house wouldn’t be rented (at least not since my stress-fast.)

You see I kept doing what I could do, so I could receive the gifts from the Universe.

Have you heard the story about the old man and the village that is flooding….no?  Well skip this if you have..it’s a good parable.  These folks knock on his door and say “we have a huge moving truck, lets get as much of your stuff and get you out of here”…the old man says no, god will protect me.

A few hours later, the water is really rising and someone comes by with a boat and says “We can’t take much of your stuff but a few favorites and we can get you to safety.” and the old man says, No, god will protect me.

A few hours later, the man is on his roof and a helicopter comes by and drops a ladder and the man yells up “NO, god will protect me.”

And he’s about to drown and and he yells up to god for not protecting him and god says down to him, “What do you mean, I sent you a truck, and a boat and a helicopter!”  (I also say that like an old Jewish man…in case you want to pretend I’m there laying this wisdom on you.)

And I think that’s the most important part of this.  If you lay down your cards and take a nap, you’re going to miss the synchronicities!  You’re going to miss all the little pieces that make up the whole which make for the best freaking stories in the end.

I won’t tell you about what I found until I actually sign the papers…that’s just the way I do it…but if I had 20 things I was looking for, this place has 19 of them.  Could I have held out for 20?  Yes, but I may have been the old man with the drowning…and I’m not quite ready to go yet.

Happy Beautiful Friday to you.  Happy beautiful summer to you.  And I really hope this has incited you just a little more to join my stress fast revolution.

I think I have reached that point of a fast where you aren’t craving that thing you gave up anymore.  I really really hope this holds 🙂