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Day 2: My life without STRESS

That’s what it is. Life.

I was talking with a friend today and we were remembering something I learned in a class a few weeks ago…this very simple “algorithm.”

Belief ===> Action ===> Result

Let that sink in for a moment. How often do we ACTUALLY change our beliefs? Not that often I would gander. But I just bet we keep having the same Belief patterns and EXPECT the result to be different.

For instance: I expect that looking for a new home, and a new place to work, and pack and move within the next two weeks, and get this other thing rolling, and be able to do all of this when I’m in bed recovering from something totally out of my control is going to just happen because I trust.

That is true…but here’s what’s missing. The major action in this equation for me is motivating myself with freaking myself out as a total and complete stress-case.

How is that belief of everything being easy and already manifested going to happen when I junk up the cogs with all this high frequency stress?

It’s not. I’m distorting my belief.

I will not have the results I’m looking for.

There…BOOM…another reason to just say no to STRESS.

It totally gets in the way of all your plans and all your manifesting and all your best laid intentions.

So, how am I doing day 2 of giving up STRESS? Well…I must admit I’m still incredibly tired…but I think that is more like my body being able to just let go. My shoulders feel lower all on their own without me forcing them to relax. My digestion was INCREDIBLE…just sayin. And the skies are blue again today which I think has something to do with the fact that I’m really noticing, and not just running from scenario to scenario.

My answer to you is that I feel, strangely, peaceful. And totally wonderful actually. Thank you so much for asking.

I challenge you to find some area that’s creating stress in your life and picture the stress like a disc that’s sitting on your shoulders, like when dogs get those plastic cones so they can’t chew on themselves…and slowly pull it off.  Pretend you can hurl it like a frisbee and just let it go.  Let it fly away with all of it, the sweats, the heart palpitations, the nervous stomach, the constant gnawing in the brain, the nausea, the leg shaking and foot tapping, the short temper it creates, the insomnia….let it all…just…go.

Take a step and take a deep breath.

Do it again.

And again.

And again.

Notice what’s different.

Notice if you missed something and do it again.

Feel that quiet that surrounds you.  Maybe you feel tired, like you haven’t slept in a month.  Maybe you feel strangely energized with the weight lifted.

Just notice.

Then let me know how you feel.  I’d love to hear.