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Creative Solutions

Can you feel it?

The full yang of summer is starting it’s decline and with it just a bit of our enthusiasm, energy, our out going nature.

Someone said to me yesterday he didn’t feel like interacting with the “public” today.  Which I found amusing and also enlightening.  In the world at large right now there is this sense of us and them, a deep distrust that we feel inside which laid dormant at our command for this most gorgeous of seasons.  It was easier to ignore when summer flaunted her sweet bouquet and we were lulled by the blossoms and fruits at every turn.  But now, those succulents aren’t holding our attention quite as much…and we have no choice but to come inside and re-evaluate and see how we feel.

We find ourselves here every year of course.  Some of us try to cling on a bit longer than the rest, but even they are feeling the pull to come inside and sit, to feel…then act.

Many of you know that I am on Maui for almost four months now.  She is not what I expected, not that it is bad, but never having lived in “paradise” before, I was surprised to know that it’s a place much like all other places.  Perfect sandy beaches and palm trees and fresh fruit off trees and a great chance of seeing sun everyday and of course there are politicians and deep pocketed corporations at work here.

And as you know…once there are politicians and greedy businesses, the whole thing goes to pot.

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But that is not why I’m writing.  On my walk today I was struck by the certainty that we all could enter this decline of summer, into our introspective autumn with a combined thought.  A combined intention.  Without having any idea how any of it would be done, could we all just hold in our thoughts that everything out of balance will find a creative solution.

That’s it.  Just ask for creative solutions.  Ask for the energies out there, as you move towards your energetic hibernation, find a way, shine their lights towards creative solutions.

I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I just feel very called to make this plea on the part of the planet.

I can’t say I understand any more than this:  There is a way.  There is hope.  There is a balance point in all things.

I know I will add this to my daily meditation.  Letting go of all attachment to how it occurs…offering no solutions myself, only being the blank slate should one want to show itself.

I for one love this time, I welcome the inward journey and take such peace in coming home, cooking stews, having friends over for great conversation, even doing a bit of travel…but I’m really looking forward to my time of sitting in balance, and being the change I wish to see in the world.