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Is Comfort Food “Comfortable?”

Hi. My names Elisha, and I’m sensitive to Gluten. And Nightshades. And processed sugar. Well all sugar but I’m not ready to admit that fully yet.


What a way to accept a dinner invite..am I right? “Yes, I’d love to come over but I don’t eat…”

I’m that person.

I never thought it would be me. Well, it used to be me, I healed it, and now it’s me again but this time I see its validity.

So. I want to ask you a serious question.

Does your comfort food make you feel comfortable?

Let me ask that differently.

When you eat gluten do you find you have a stomachache? Or get itchy all over ? (That’s my fun outcome). Or have terrible allergies? Or have unexplained pain in your body? Or insomnia?

Yes? Don’t know?

It’s hard when something seems like a buzz word.

It’s hard when it’s our “comfort foods” that may be the cause of so much of our suffering.

But in my practice, the hardest challenge I face, is getting people to trust my instincts and just eliminate the possible cause of so much hardship.

Dude. It’s hard. I know. I did it. I’m doing it. But I’m here to tell you…on the other side. When your symptoms go away…and you get to sleep at night. You get to stop having pain. You get to have unbridled energy. It’s freaking worth it.

Is the elimination forever?

I don’t know.

Some things maybe.

Some things can be reintroduced when they aren’t bundled up in your body.

I couldn’t eat Chicken or Eggs for almost a year…but now they are fine.

I can eat French Fries occasionally (thank the good sweet powers that be!)

And I’m here to also tell you that I eat like a champ! I eat amazing foods. They taste delicious and have become my new comfort foods. But I also have redefined the need to find emotional solace in my food.

Let me say that again.

Having a comfort food is not perhaps the best idea for our long term health.

Yes, I’m going to say meditation. You saw that coming a mile away. You’re so smart!

And being in nature.

And appreciation.

And gratitude for just having a body that gets itself together every morning for you to wake up! What a miracle!

OK. I saved science for the end because it clashes with my glib…but Drs at the renown John’s Hopkins Hospital/University did a study on Gluten and found that in everyone…not just Celiacs that GLUTEN CREATES PERMEABILITY IN THE INTESTINES AKA LEAKY GUT


See for yourself.

The results are in. The way we eat in relation to how we feel is real. The foods we deem comfortable are making us most decidedly Uncomfortable.

The choice to check it out is 100% on you.

I will help in whatever way I can. But you put the food in your gullet.

But as for me, a reformed insomniac who itched like bugs were crawling over her all night, with migraines and unexplained joint pain….who now thankfully is none of those things….changing my diet AND my relationship to food was just the miracle this gal needed.

Need help getting started?
Just ask.