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Come In and then PLAY!

Come inside now so you can really Play later!

This is a week you will not forget, me thinks!  Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday for the week of July 7, 2015.

We start today in a pattern befitting a warrior.  A soul big and large, ready to take charge and do.  It’s being pulled on by the lesson of this month of course, that stillness before the motion…asking you to hit the pause button for just a moment…even though the moment feels so right…and reflect into the bigness of the love that emanates from you.  Use that love to generate the balance you need to share what you are learning.  The world needs to hear it, needs to feel it!

By this weekend you have settled into a nice groove and feel a confidence that allows your energy to rise and shine and be seen in all it’s glory.  Say the things you want to say.  Go on that adventure that’s calling to you.  Dive into that project that’s been waiting for your creative explosion.  Because by the end of the weekend the energy of your soul will take precedence.  And sitting in the space of stillness, reflection and connection will light your fires from the inside out.

As long as you do your due diligence this month, as long as you take the time to balance in the soft places, the still places, the yin places.  As long as you stay connected with that which makes you feel most whole, you will be the big winner.  The sooner you learn this lesson this month, the more time there will be to play in Auric ethers that urge you to get big, really big!