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Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey!

Welcome to the year of the Monkey!

Chinese New Year is my favorite New Year….for many reasons, but top of the list….I have already messed up my other new years resolution at least once…so this time I have a real fervor to take this New Year seriously…..seriously.

So last year was the Goat.  And we all know how that went for us, right?  Well…this year couldn’t more different if it tried.  The year of the Fire Monkey is about travel and spontaneity, and vitality and adventure!

You want some of that, right?  (Maybe not the Oxen among us….we would prefer to sit this one out :)

If you don’t know your sign, click here and you can figure that out.  It’s based on your birth year but if your birthday falls between January 1 and February 11 look up the Chinese New Year date for the year you were born because you could be one of two signs.

One interesting note about this Monkey year, is it falls on a “Blind Year” because it began on February 8 which was after the Solar New Year on February 4th.  What that means is a bit confusing but essentially it doesn’t contain a day that is said to infuse the year with light.  What does that mean?  It means this year is not a good year to start new things including businesses and marriages…  That seems strange since this year is full of so much energy for creation and expansion…  Just food for thought!

(I got this information from Elizabeth Schermer.  More information can be found on her site.)

General Auspices for the Year of the Monkey:

Travel:  This is a year for adventure!  It’s best to travel to new places this year instead of familiar destinations.

Health:  Self care is crucial this year.  The intensity of the year means you will require more sleep than most years.  Pay attention to stress and your bodies responses:  especially nervous system, emotional patterns of imbalance, or physical fatigue. Physical exercise and sports should feel fun this year and Yoga and other meditative practices will help ground out all that nervous and spontaneous energy!

Relationships:  This is a very good social year!  Monkeys are naturally social and enjoy gathering in groups of all sizes.  This year it’s important to connect with those who offer you the support and fun that you need.  Social networks expand as people come to together for projects as well as play!

Educations:  This is definitely a year for learning new things!  Monkey’s love knowledge and you are free to dive into what ever sparks your interest this year.  It’s a great year to sign up for classes you have always had an interest in learning more about!


Personal Auspices for the Year of the Monkey~


This year has the potential to be a game changer.  Rat is a natural friend of the Monkey and will be able to easily maximize the opportunities of the year.  All forms of abundance are open to you this year! Great year for investments.  And an even better year for meditation!  Pay careful attention to your nervous system and to getting enough rest.  April will be the month with the highest energy for you this year!


The spontaneous energy of the year will be a challenge for you.  Monkey’s swing from branch to branch and you like the tried and true path.  Avoid the need to be right and embrace the powerful change and this can be a big year for you.  Get clear about goals, make a plan, and keep clear priorities.  This is the year to focus on the big picture and put long term plans in place.


Tiger and Monkey are at 180 degree opposites!  But it’s true that opposites can bring out the best in each other. Don’t let the testing Monkey energy get under your skin.  Watch the irritation and impatience and focus more on your ability to focus on your passion and creative vitality!  This is a great year for travel and new adventures for you!


Your emotionally sensitive and highly intuitive nervous system could be overloaded this year where sensitivity is not always valued.  Prioritize self care and personal time to recharge.  Silence is also important this year for you.  Rely on your strong internal guidance and don’t feel pressured into taking necessary risks this year.  This year may have you craving time at home where you can focus on the creative projects that nurture you.


Dragon and Monkey are natural friends, both knowing how to utilize the bigger energies of this year.  It’s easier for you to overlook the capricious and inconsistent energies that others find irritating.  You adapt easily to the changes and love to be challenged.  You love to fly and monkey loves to ride on your back.  Remember that his year as a visual to carry others with you this year.  Who can benefit from your inspired leadership?  December will be a powerfully creative month for you this year if you use this years energies wisely!


You are monkey are secret friends and your private nature allows you to ride the vitality of year and wait until the perfect moment to take action.  You have a rich inner life.  Unexpected circumstance keep people busy this year, so use that time for the silence you crave. You easily withdraw when life gets crazy–you just smile and move within–giving you more time to plan your next adventure!


You love the natural optimism, vitality and carefree aspects of the monkey!  You will thrive this year as long as you stay focused on self care.  Be sure not to burn too bright because if you run too hard you will deplete that natural vitality and burnout.  This is a year for BIG projects for you and if you are called to a quest for service, follow that path!


The quick moving energy of the year may be unsettling for you since you prefer a more peaceful pace, but learn to be flexible this year and roll with the unpredictability and you will thrive!  Continue to make progress with your important projects that are already underway.  Carry forward last years gains and keep developing them.  Keep your priorities in sight and you will have the inner alignment to thrive!


This can be your best of years! If you, however, become over extended you will find yourself spinning out of control and losing perspective. This is a year for a grand adventure with the intention to stay aligned with a larger purpose. Use your capacity for innovation and imaginative problem-solving to manifest big dreams!  But also make sure to face your demons and shadows with courage.  Use your natural strengths to embrace your inner shadow when it emerges and you can come out the other side of this year in a whole new world!


You have the natural affinity for the mental clarity, originality, creativity and intellectual strength that Monkey brings this year.  Last year was a  bit out of synch for you, but this year should feel more like natural footing.  If you focus too much on order you will run into frustration.  Have patience and develop flexibility and when life gets too intense, stop and take a breath.  Dragon friends can be really helpful for you this year.


You like the strength and originality of this year.  Adventure is your friend but also be careful of exhaustion! As with everyone you need to be flexible with the changes abounding this year.  Don’t take everything so seriously, use this year to cultivate a sense of humor! Make play dates with friends.  Get creative and then get others on board with your vision! Dream big and yo can thrive in this climate of adventure.


You love the adventure! Being the life of the party will be recognized and appreciated this year.  But don’t take things too personally when the rapidly shift and don’t go as expected.  Your natural tendency for generosity can lead to depletion quickly this year, so be careful where you place your trust. Retreat from the outer world when necessary…and throw a lot of dinner parties!


I hope this gives you a little insight into your coming year….it’s best to take the information that resonates and run with it. Again, I got this information from Elizabeth Schermer, so if you’d like more–visiting her site would be a great place to start.


And if you feel stuck and need a re-boot to help jump into these exciting Monkey energies…come on in!  We can do that!




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