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Check in with your heart and GO!

Growing in love relationship and romance concept as two trees tangled together in a passionate loving embrace with underground roots shaped as a heart.

Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the week of July 22, 2015

This week kicks off with a bang!  You have been waiting for action…and it has arrived.  The energy of the soul is balanced and thoughtful, awaiting instructions for brilliance.  Rest in the expansive energy of the universe and play big with your trusting heart!  The time for action has arrived.  What have you learned?  How can you use that information? Use the calm wisdom from your imposed stillness and step from that with purpose.  Move into the weekend and check back in with innermost needs, move your body to know what direction you really want to take and rely on your inner teacher.  Decisions will need to be made, but again, pulling from your practiced heart will assist with all queries.  By the end of the week your heart is fully aligned and everyone can feel your inner wisdom pulsating.  Coming deeply into the practices you have been honing and looking at the distinctions and polarities will serve you the greatest….where is the middle, what is the core?  Keep going deeper but don’t stop moving! Your gifts this month continue to be arc line of your heart begging you to listen with that intelligence and weigh the pros and cons…using your inner teacher to remind you of who you are.  As long as you remember to check in with your innermost needs first, there is no direction that won’t take your towards a big win!

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