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Learning Trust.

Kauai. She called and I came. Whittled my belongings down to the nub–a priceless nub–packed them in my car once again–like leaving a place that never felt like home for the West, then leaving another place that never felt like home for a future as yet undetermined. But a place that beats my heart.  A place …

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3 Best Reasons to get Angry!

I’ve been going through some stuff.  Some deep, core, powerful, life changing grief stuff.  I wish I could say I was at the bottom of it…but I have a feeling that I’m not that lucky just yet. What it’s about isn’t important…but what is important are remembering those stages of grief we have all heard …

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Bloom Your Heart Open!

I just wanted to share a quick heart opening meditation I’ve been working on. It’s a perfect combination with everything blooming all around us right now! Sometimes life gets a little overwhelming and feelings get too big and out of control for my sensitive heart. Sometimes instead of feeling unconditional, love starts to feel like …

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5 Ways to Add Meditation to Your Life

You don’t have to go away to a yogi camp for a month of silence in India to learn to meditate.  You don’t need Lululemon or fancy mala beads.  You don’t need the right sitting cushion or the perfect vista. All you need is your breath.  Stillness.  And the commitment to be present for just …

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