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In this section we will be discussing different themes as they related to Acupuncture as I see it. This isn’t your Mother’s acupuncture!

Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey!

Welcome to the year of the Monkey! Chinese New Year is my favorite New Year….for many reasons, but top of the list….I have already messed up my other new years resolution at least once…so this time I have a real fervor to take this New Year seriously…..seriously. So last year was the Goat.  And we …

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Top 5 Reasons you NEED water

First off, Drink when you’re thirsty. Let that be your rule of thumb.  Drink when you’re thirsty. Sounds easy enough, right?  I suggest water because to me it’s King, but that includes Juice and coffee and tea and other beverages, as long as they are liquid. If you stay under 3-5 cups of coffee and caffeinated …

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Top 3 Essential Oils for Cold Season

It may seem strange that a nice smelling little oil can pack such a big punch…but you would be amazed at how fabulously they not only protect you, but also help make colds and flus pass through you much more quickly and with greater ease. Top 3 to have around during Cold and Flu Season? …

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I LOVE Flower Essences…and so will you!

What would you do differently if your heart and mind were a unified front? Think about it. That diet you keep trying to uphold?  That exercise program you want to stay on?  That person you want to stay away from?  That work you keep procrastinating about? It’s hard.  When the mind thinks one way and …

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They’re Here…..How will you hold up this Holiday Season?

I know you made fantastic proclamations last year about how you were going to do the holidays differently this year, right? Less eating.  More exercise.  Less stress.  More zen like interactions with family.  I’m sure the list goes on and on. I know you made a plan, and I totally believe you intend to stick …

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Summer Treatments: Explore your Heart Fire in Balance with your Stillness

Man I love giving seasonal treatments!  Truth be told, Fall is my favorite season…but there is something so joyful about summer. Spring is definitely infused with an unburdening joy…that first deep breath of possibility…of lengthening light. And diving into the deep for processing in winter surely holds it’s work and mystery. But summer light is …

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The Wind…Maybe we should all just take up Tango dancing?

Sometimes I feel like that plastic bag in American Beauty…tossled about willy-nilly with zero say where or when I go. (Not that we get plastic bags anymore within Seattle City limits…but a plastic before from before…please use your imagination here.) It’s that kind of day. But that’s what fall is all about, right? Letting go, …

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Slash, Burn, Start Again. Anyone?

This message keeps getting reinforced over and over and over again. Do you feel it? Are you feeling the need to purge, to let go, to try a different way? I am. Whether it’s revamping my exercise routine, cleaning out closets, reorganizing my altar space, cleaning up loose ends in relationship, or…as you can tell…scrapping …

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