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Can you Feel the Shift?

Can you feel the shift?

There is something subtle this time of year that makes all my senses tingle. Makes me feel the edges that want to soften. Makes me remember those who I’ve lost and want to say a prayer for. Makes me breathe deeply and pull in the sweet scent the falling leaves offer. This thinning veil makes me whimsical.

Can you feel the shift? It’s so subtle. It’s in the wind, in the shadows of the trees, in the sparkle in the air. It’s an invitation. An invitation for release.

It’s pulling from the threads of who you are and asking who you’d like to be.

Who would you like to be?

Would you like to be more in your heart space, feeling before acting? Would you like to be a person who wants something and takes the steps to get it? Would you like to be more healthy…to be in better relationship with your body, mind, soul….? Would you like the foods you eat to reflect the beauty inside you? Would you like to finally accept your meditation practice as a daily need like breath, and sustenance?

Would you like to move on energetically and physically from a person, place, thing or way of thinking?

Would you…..what? What is it? Grab hold of it and set it free and watch how the air dances with it. Watch how it transforms right in front of your eyes.

Release what it stopping you from releasing. Sometimes it’s what we don’t know that’s getting in our way. The silly sabotages that undermine our best intentions. Call those out too. The hidden spaces want to be seen. Want to be freed.

Energy likes to roam. It doesn’t like to feel trapped. Thoughts. Emotions. Memories. Beliefs. These are all energy…share them with the wind and see how you feel. Open your heart to what’s in front of you and see where you stand.

Can you feel your shift? It’s calling you, all you have to do is listen, breathe, and believe you can be that thing that’s beautiful inside of you. Then take a step in that direction.

And if you feel stuck…come on in and get a fall attunement. I know just the trick!

Sweet autumn wishes to you…sending the light, the leaves, the love and deep soul expansive breath of the season.