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Bringing Sexy Back…A Practical Guide to rid STRESS from your life.

That title has nothing to do with why I’m blogging today.  Every time I write the word blog i have to say it out loud, and then I laugh.  Everyone say it and laugh  with me…blog.

Ok.  Down to the nuts and bolts.  We left off with STRESS and Fleas…and the shadowy places that stress can hide and lure us into it’s trenches.

I’ve been watching TRUE Blood…super fun little show of kink that is…but I just finished season 2 where that women thinks she’s immortal, and becomes immortal and takes over peoples minds and gets energy from it.  And that’s another way I think about stress.

The way it gets into my mind and almost turns me off.  And though I know better then to fall for its tricks, every time I still forget everything I know and all of  sudden my heart rate is up, my stomach hurts, I’m either hot or cold, I forget to breathe into my belly, I see only the worst possible outcome, everything is doomed and boom….it has me right where it wants me.

And when I started this blog I never thought I would end up anthropomorphizing STRESS…but it really is this kind of entity that has it’s own dimensions and personality.  I, for instance, am not my happy, loving, joyous self when I’m in it’s grips.

So, the reason for my title today is to introduce a new segment in my war on STRESS.  The art of distraction.  It works for a two year old, and it turns out that STRESS isn’t very mature in it’s coping mechanisms either.

Distraction.  Say it with me, Distraction.

Stress is not real.  It’s made up.  It’s a figment of our imagination that we have allowed to grow and become something solid, something tangible…it changes us.

But the beautiful thing about being alive, is that we are constantly changing too!  And the moment you start feeling those tell tale signs that all hope is leaving…get up and do something else.  Don’t give in even for a moment.  Don’t participate in the thought.  Don’t be a part of it’s game.

Like I have said, I force myself to do something that makes me feel like I have a little control, like clean the kitchen or scrub the stove top.  But I don’t think I knew that I was simply changing my mind.  I moved out of the “I can’t do it” mind into the “I f-ing got this!” mind.

Without even knowing it, I’m elevating my vibration to a place where stress no longer can hang on because it’s not in shadow, it’s in the full light of consciousness.

That’s a lot of words.  But I feel like each day or so with my STRESS fast changes…and things become clearer.  Sometimes because I mess up and get swallowed whole in my own depression.  And sometimes because I so easily rise above the challenges with a grace that surprises me.  Either way, the more I learn about the nature of stress…the more I am learning about myself and what I’m capable of.

So, if you can think to do nothing else….when the grip of STRESS threatens to take your vitality…just force yourself to do something else.  Something that is easy for you.  Something you can throw yourself into for 5, 10, 20 minutes.  Do whatever you need to do to change the playing field.

I think you will be amazed.