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Bloom Your Heart Open!

I just wanted to share a quick heart opening meditation I’ve been working on. It’s a perfect combination with everything blooming all around us right now!

Sometimes life gets a little overwhelming and feelings get too big and out of control for my sensitive heart. Sometimes instead of feeling unconditional, love starts to feel like anything but. Maybe it’s because we had a stressful week. Maybe because we have too much on our plate in general. Maybe because it’s a new situation and we are unsure of ourselves. Or maybe it’s just unfamiliar territory and the most familiar habit is to minimize our feelings and push through.

I don’t know about you, but when it happens for me it occurs as this sick feeling that wraps around my heart and sinks deep into my belly. I often catch myself immediately but sometimes it can linger there for hours before I notice it. It’s quite insidious!

That’s when my heart is reaching toward something that’s outside of me. That’s never a good idea. When I lose my center everything starts becoming lopsided. So I immediately check in with my heart and she always seems closed when I’m feeling this way. Luckily, I have a meditation for this!

It’s very simple really. A closed heart will cut off all of your connection with yourself. And searching for answers with a closed heart leads you down the wrong path very consistently.

So I sit and I ground, and I imagine a closed rose in the very center of my heart chakra. And as I breathe I allow it to bloom. It keeps blooming bigger and bigger. It blooms to the front of my heart chakra. It blooms to the back of my heart chakra.

When I see it nice and full I rotate all of the colors of the rainbow through it until I settle on a beautiful red pink. Sometimes I have a glow of green around it.

And then I let the energy sink down to my belly. I feel that love pulsating deep in my core. And I allow it to travel down my legs and feet into the center of the earth to ground me. I come back to my heart and I raise it up to my throat my third eye my crown and through the top of my head up into the highest connection in the sky.

When I’m all plugged in, I just sit there loving myself and sending it down to the earth and sending it up to the heavens and bringing it back into myself until I feel full and clear and alive and open. It’s amazing how a two minute meditation can completely and radically change my energy.

When I feel solid I check back in with the energy that was triggering me. Am I still triggered? Does that sick feeling want to come back and hook into me? If yes, I run the meditation again. If no I smile and send love to the situation and pump even more energy through myself!

It seems silly to be anything but in love with ourselves. To be running energy that makes us feel anything other than expansive and brilliant, loved and loving. I hope this visualization meditation can help shift you in that direction!

With so much Aloha!