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Back in the Pacific Northwest!

This is not how I expected my journey to go. It’s not where I thought I’d be. It couldn’t be more perfect though if I had arranged it all myself.

Sometimes something larger than yourself is dictating a path and you have a choice to ignore it, though it that would be folly, or you have the choice of flowing as the water does towards the shore. I decided in a split second to flow.

It’s humbling when you think about the whole big picture of it all. Letting go of everything I had ever held dear, anything with even a tiny charge….gone. Three times now I’ve done this for the past two years. Lesson: stop accumulating. Live simply.

I’ve met so many people over the past two years either as friends or clients or strangers just passing by which turned into hour long conversations. Lesson: Community and connection is everywhere.

And then there’s the fact that wherever you are is where you are. Tropical beaches, sunsets, floating on warm salt water,  talcum sand everywhere, wild coconuts and totally interesting fruits dropping from trees all year. And sometimes it seems easier to get to know people when you’re in a bathing suit. Maybe it’s the almost nakedness of it that shaves off some layers but there is something to be said for that.

Or there are thousands of different color reds yellows and oranges in the shapes of leaves littering the ground in the most perfect tapestry of life. That smell, that smell that can’t be duplicated anywhere else on the planet. The fertile gorgeousness of the Pacific Northwest. How you can’t help but let go of even more while you’re experiencing this beauty dropping around you, making more room for beauty inside of you. And when the glorious sun does come out…it’s like a million prickles of joy running up and down your spine.  And the sunsets are nothing to be ashamed of here either!

And people ask “why did you come back?” I have 1000 answers but as I stand here now I realize it’s because I couldn’t breathe. That there is a breath here, an oxygen that is unique to my lungs needs. And only standing here breathing do I recognize the connection. Like a long lost lover I didn’t know I wasn’t complete with.  And how can you ever really leave home?  As far as you go, there is  still a connection.

So all of this is to say that I return here to the PNW, changed in more ways than I think I even know yet. And alive, in more ways than I know I don’t know yet. And the latent magic of the islands is still there simmering, waiting to express itself in these ways I can’t even imagine yet. The islands change you. But only if you let them. They are a crash course in dreaming!

So I’m opening up shop again here, in Poulsbo! It’s a beautiful clinic. I’ll be accepting most insurance Monday through Friday and seeing clients my way every other Saturday.

I’m going to have online scheduling and if you’re lucky my mom will be the receptionist here when you come in! I’m putting all her years in corporate America to use keeping the insurance company’s in line!

I know Poulsbo isn’t as convenient as Seattle but I hope that you’ll see it as a fun Saturday excursion for the truly transformative healing experiences that you’ve come to know and love!

If you have friends and relatives on the Kitsap Peninsula I would love if you would pass on my news! And even though it’s not sunny and hot and I can’t wake up and go down to the ocean for a dip I am really happy to be back! Max and I are taking such amazing walks in the woods every day!  And he looks so damn cute in a sweater!

I’ll post more on the journey in the newsletter this month…but I should be up and running in the next few weeks as soon as Insurance is squared away.  The Saturday appointments will begin next Saturday..more coming on that!

I’m still available for Tarot, Energy, and Numerology Readings of course!  Don’t be shy…if you’ve always wanted to check it out…now’s the perfect time!  The veil is thinning 🙂

Well…I guess that’s it.  Welcome home Elisha.  Thanks.  It’s truly lovely to be back.