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“Acupuncture, I’d like to try that…”

Yes.  You are right.  You sure would.

How many times have you said that?  Has your friend said it?

How can I convince you to make that call?  To take that step from thinking about it, to doing it?

And why is this important?

I believe in Acupuncture.  I believe in its healing properties.  I believe in it’s ability to change your life situation.  I believe that it will help you, regardless of what ails you.

Why do I know it’s good for you?

Because there’s not one of us out there who is perfect.  Who couldn’t stand a little TLC.  Who wouldn’t benefit from some immune boosting.  Who doesn’t need to be touched and listened to.  And Acupuncture does that as well.

Even therapists who aren’t all woo-woo like me still have to touch your body to find the acupuncture point.

I remember when I had pneumonia and I had to go to the doctor, and I was scared…even her touching my arm for a second to put the blood pressure cuff on was reassuring in some way.

So why is it important for you to move out of “I should try that” and into “I’m a huge fan and I’ll always have it in my life?”  (95% of you will be saying that after your first visit.)

One more reason.  If it even sounds remotely intriguing to you to have a session, I recommend having one because it’s important to do things in life that scare us.  And when we do those things, we always grow as a person.

For instance, I don’t see any reason to sky dive.  So I’m not going to, even though it scares the bejesus outta me.  But I was afraid of starting my own business but it was something I deeply wanted to do…so I dug down and forced myself to do it…and here I am 8 years later and loving more then anything what I do.

So if you have ever said “I’d like to try that,” about Acupuncture or frankly anything else in your life…you really do owe it to yourself.  Life is short.  And it seems to be getting faster and faster each year.  So now’s the time to take the leap.  It’s time to just…well…FLY!  And because I’m feeling like the master of cheese….here ya go!