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Acupuncture and Energy Medicine

I feel called to write this post because there seems to be some thought that these two systems of work are different.  And I thought, Elisha, you should tell all your beautiful readers that story…you know…the one about Acupuncture.

Which one?  I asked me.

Oh never mind, I’ll do it…

Please excuse me, I’ll continue.  The way it was told to me long, long ago…is that in China, before Mao turned the whole system upside down, acupuncture WAS energy medicine.  It was energy healers who saw with their sixth sense all these channels on the body.  They drew them and shared these drawings with those who didn’t have as strong a sixth sense.  And acupuncture began.  We learned what we did from people having visions, writing them down, then that being taken as fact…and Bob’s your uncle.

Years later, maybe ten years ago (I could look it up, but I’m really digging this stream of consciousness thing)…so thousands of years later, someone thought to inject die into the body that was visible under some camera, and low and behold….there are the channels that were postulated with woo-woo magic thousands of years ago.

The very same channels.

So what I’m trying to say here folks, is that I could write and write until my arms are weighed down with carpel tunnel syndrome….or I could just say, at it’s very roots, the deepest parts of what make Acupuncture, well, acupuncture…is the infusion of flavors and subtleties laced in it’s fundamental makeup…which is Energy Medicine.

That’s what I wanted to say.  Acupuncture is Energy Medicine.  At it’s roots.  Where it matters.  So it also makes sense, that someone like me who is prone to, let’s say, love playing with energy would be drawn to such a system.  Want to get further and further back to where it all began.

And man do they feel good together.  Curious?  I have been told I’m very good at the merger 🙂