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Every year around this time I hear more and more….”But I’ve never had allergies before!” Or, “They’ve never been this bad before.”

(This year…it was me saying it too!)

It does seem that either allergens are getting far worse, or our systems are just not able to handle the constant onslaught of all that particulate.

I want to offer a few Pro Tips to keep your nose from incessantly dripping, eyes from leaking and sneezing to a minimum.

Take all or none…these are just what I have learned over the years.

1) Wash you hair before bed. It’s true that pollens stick to your hair, you lay on the pillow and boom, breathing them and dreaming about them I’ll bet. Easy for short hair folks…and a total drag for longer hair. I get it, but worth a shot, especially if you have itchy eyes.

2) Limit/remove Dairy. Wheat. Sugar.
These are known friends to mucous. They get together, mingle and party. You don’t want them doing that. Play with your food choices and see if this is a factor for you. I recently had a cold and had a latte with Hemp milk…zero dairy and was surprised when my nose became a faucet again…then realized there is a little sugar in there. Amazing what the body will do with a little resource.

3) Water. Water. Good clean drinking water and tons of it. Flush you system. Help it all to come out. Great hydration keeps the mucous flowing and reduces the chance of that backing up on you in your sinuses and lungs. I always add a little sea salt to my water too…and lemon if I’m feeling spunky 🙂

4) I have an AMAZING formula for allergies. I started taking it as soon as I realized my cold was just a coverup for allergies…and within two days…this guest that wouldn’t leave…did!

So those are my main pro tips. Try ’em. See if it makes a difference for you. And of course, it goes without saying that Acupuncture helps a ton. It strengthens your Lunch channel, and I’m assuming we need to tune up your digestion as well (since of course they are connected….that’s why your food choices matter.)

Hope this helps you go less leakily into the beautiful Spring and Summer time!