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A Testimonial Worth Sharing

I have never turned a testimonial into a blog post until right meow.

I read this and never felt more special and sacred and profound and worthy and seen and fully appreciated… ever.  And so…please allow me to share and gush.  I think Lisa took ten years writing this…so this is not only a long time coming…but aged like the finest wine!

The truth of the matter about writing a review of my experience as a long time client of Elisha Weinberg is that for nearly ten years, I’ve had the same wonderful conversation with myself after each treatment. I think about how I feel and in my blissed-out state, I promise to share this with everyone I know…I shake my head and realize that the only reason people aren’t lined up around this house is because they have not discovered her power and ability to not only create a beautiful and nourishing space, but to heal nearly every ailment that stood in the way of my physical and spiritual path to wellness. But each time I thought about how to share the amazing healing Elisha provides, I’d get lost in how to get each beautiful little thing about her and the healing power she wields out of my head and out-loud on paper.

Elisha. She’s treated me for arthritis, headaches, endometriosis, fatigue, energy blocks, strained yoga knees…provided me with emotional, physical and spiritual guidance. I’ve suffered an unusual amount of pain due to the wonders of Lupus and nearly every physician I saw recommended heavy doses of pharmaceuticals…ones that came with potential side effects worse than my fatigue and aching body. I was committed to my long-term health and realized early on, that the best way back would be to get to the causes of my disease. Elisha’s weekly treatments when I first began seeing her helped transition my thinking from fear of pain and sickness to one of strength, peace and a road to vibrant health.

She has provided a perfect little bubble of a space to float in during the always-too-short appointment slot. A space where I’ve been blessed enough to experience her ability to heal, nourish and lift my being in the most powerful of ways. Her delicate touch and mastery of the use of essential oils gently guides my busy mind to a quiet meditation. And many of the visualizations she’s given me are an eternal gift that help me regenerate the beautiful peace I’ve experienced during every session – long after I’ve gone home.

Elisha is an amazing combination of strength and fragility, exhibiting a courage and truth in her commitment to being a healer. She’s a delicate super-power and I’m honored to experience her beauty and grace.


Lisa Nicole Taylor, Artist-Optician-Yogini-Believer