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A parable about the shiftiness of moods….stress versus joy

Let’s say there is this thing that’s weighing this girl down.  I mean it’s heaviness seeps through every ounce of her being.  Let’s say that this “thing” let’s call it booboo…permeates her thoughts and breath and sleep and eventually the stress of booboo starts to get into her cells and muscles and fibers and even her smile is weighed down with it’s disruptive nature.

And she goes about her life, trying not to think about booboo, but booboo shows up everywhere…in every situation…and try as she might to get above it, it stains her.

Things are looking kinda bleak for this girl, aren’t they?  The light at the end of tunnel doesn’t even matter because the girl can’t see past today, and tomorrow, and next week….and what’s past that is just too far away to give a shit about.

So then, one day, this girl wakes up and walks out into the kitchen and this piece of paper says that booboo is gone.  She looks around and takes a breath, and after a few tries she realizes it’s true.  It’s gone.  That energy that had settled over her completely and fully was just, gone.  And that light at the end of tunnel was within arms reach.  She could literally reach out and touch it!

And she felt the sun on her skin like she hadn’t in a long time.  And she felt her smile coming from deep inside and spring cleaning all her cells and best intentions.

She had a bounce in her step and an energy that was missing for such a long time.

And most importantly, she felt like she had so much love to give.  Everyone needed just a touch here, and a touch there.

She stayed up late basking in the new space around her.  And when she did fall asleep she slept with the peace of all that love wrapped around her instead of plagued with tossing and turning and the demons of the night.

And when she woke in the morning, the peaceful energy was still there.  She was alert and even a little giddy right out of bed.  She had herbal tea instead of the bags of caffeine that were needed before to rouse her to life.

And then, as she turned the corner, there was booboo.


And she realized she had two choices.  She could walk right into it and take all that heaviness back.  Sink into booboo and lose that bounce in her step. Lose that confidence and love and sweetness that was oozing out of her….


She could squint her eyes and look through booboo.  She could look at it’s hurricane trying to rain down on her and see to the eye of it.

She could go into the eye and see there…amidst all the chaos, there in the middle…right there was that calm.  That fun.  That love.  That joy from yesterday.  The ease! She could use it to fuel her and make her feel whole.  She could use it to walk forward into booboo with guards in place so she could reach the center and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Which does she pick?

Which does she have the strength for?

Which direction will win?

How can we pull ourselves out of the ditch that years of heaviness created?  How can we trigger ourselves to raise our vibration and move in the direction that offers us the chance at success, and love, and light, and joy and peace?  Why would we choose differently?  And yet we do! More often then I think we even care to admit.

That heaviness seeps into our bones and holds us there….What coping mechanisms have you built for this?  And what triggers do you have to remind you to shift out of it?  How can we make ourselves want to shift when we so badly want to wallow in the murk of our stuff?

How about for you in real time?  Which situations are pulling you in two or more directions?  How many times have we followed the easier path that pulls us down, rather than believe in ourselves and our future and most importantly TRUST and move towards that?  Towards the path of peace and joy and love…versus the path of stress and anger and irritation?

I know I wish I had more success stories under my belt….how bout you? But I also know I’m going to find that key for effortless shift.  I’ll let you know when I find it.