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A blog about nothing

If Seinfeld could write years of sit-com’s about nothing, surely I can figure out one simple blog post.

I think there is something in the air. Mercury is retrograde and all these planets are lining up for totally amazing things sometime Friday or Saturday…and so I can feel all this potential. All this movement in the form of subtle energy…but I can’t seem to figure out how to tap into it. And I have lots of images coming to mind…like I pretend I’m a Maple Tree and I’ve just been tapped and all I have to do to let the syrup flow is to turn the damn tap. Easy visualization.


And then I think this is the year of the snake…and this is exactly what this feels like. It feels like a purposeful slithering. It feels like I just ate a mouse and it’s making it’s way slowly down my body while it’s being digested…slowly…and painstakingly.

No. I haven’t smoked anything. And No. I haven’t had anything to drink either.

It’s just this in between space. It’s not making me nervous exactly…it’s just sort of sapping all my energy that would normally be going into a forward motion but instead it keeps coming inside. Just as I was cautioned to do this year by my trusty Chinese Astrology Explorer Experts. But I didn’t think it would feel exactly like this. This…slow.

Let’s face it. My meditation means sitting for 20 minutes and reaching out with my mind and exploring the galaxy through waves of undulating energy storms and hidden passages and fairys…always fairys. But it’s never slow. And that’s when I’m being purposefully slow.

So, what was I expecting from a snake year? Honestly, I was expecting some dry skin. No, I didn’t plan very well I suppose when preparing for what snake energy would feel like.

What I got instead was this feeling that even my digestion is slowing down. I have always been a person who wakes up and is awake. I don’t need to hit snooze. I don’t need coffee. But lately…when I wake up it’s like opening my eyes is a chore. Like I need toothpicks to hold them open for a half hour when I wake up. And I live in Seattle (for less than two more weeks..woohoo! Bellingham here I come!) so you know it’s not because it’s too bright out.

And since I’m really freaking happy about my life right now–and it’s direction and purpose…I’m thrown. Thrown I say. And thus was born this blog post about nothing.

Are you feeling the same? Blah but not depressed exactly? Slow? Internally focused? This can’t just be me, right?

And business is slow. I personally think that’s just so I can pack and move and not feel like I’m letting anyone down…but still…a girl’s gotta eat. (So if you’ve been meaning to schedule an appointment, now would be a GREAT time since this is my last full week in Seattle and then I’m only here on Wednesdays.)

So here it is. In case you out there….whoever reads these blogs… are also feeling the slowing effects of the year of the snake…and wanted some type of advice or solution about how to speed things up, I can only suggest coming even deeper inside…past that nothing and slowness…into the lava like substance below. And allow the heat and momentum of the Earth to fill your cells and your being…

And then tell me how that goes for you.

I actually just took my own advice and feel a lot better now. I’m patting myself on the back…in case you wanted to know how I thank myself.

Wow. I do feel better! Thanks for listening everyone. Now I know why Jerry loved his nothing so much!

Catharsis…really is easy…if you come inside.