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5 Ways to Add Meditation to Your Life

Beautiful sunset at Seychelles beach with palm tree shadow over sand

You don’t have to go away to a yogi camp for a month of silence in India to learn to meditate.  You don’t need Lululemon or fancy mala beads.  You don’t need the right sitting cushion or the perfect vista.

All you need is your breath.  Stillness.  And the commitment to be present for just a few minutes.  You would be surprised what just a few minutes of presence buys you in life!

Now, I’m not very good at sitting still so my meditations are short and sweet….but I do them often…in fact I do them whenever I can.  And these are my top 5 favorite ways to clear my mind, ground, center and energetically re-boot.

Micro-cosmic Orbit anytime!

This is my hands down fav!  I used to be a person who was constantly frustrated…and I have taught myself a much more healthy, happy and satisfying way to be! This mediation is best for those with hamster minds that are always over active.  To do the meditation you essentially breathe into your sacrum, and imagine inhaling up your spine to the top of your head, and exhaling down your midline to your perineum (or lowest part of your trunk.)  I make these cycles of the trunk of my body whenever I’m in line, or stuck in traffic.  Whenever I’m finding myself getting irritated I transition into a few rounds of this, allowing my breath to get longer and slower, and my heart rate to drop.  This meditation has been my friend for 20 years…and we keep falling deeper and deeper in love!

Watching Shadows

Sometimes I just need a distraction for overthinking, especially when I’m writing, and for me, taking a few moments and watching light play off things really releases whatever I’m holding in my brain.  I let go of thinking and just observe the way the shadows move and play with the light around them.  I don’t think, I only observe!  It certainly heightens my creativity almost immediately!

Beautiful sunset at Seychelles beach with palm tree shadow over sand

Hearing what’s around me

This is an oldie but goodie.  When I find that I’m having miscommunications with people I often sit in this mediation.  Sit in a quiet room or outside if it’s kinda quiet.  This is in 3 rounds.  First you listen to what is right around you, close to you.  1 minute.  Then listen to what is mid-range for a minute. Then listen to what is as far away as you can hear for one minute.  Then open all three distances and listen.  It is a great course correction for hearing what’s around you!


Jack and the Bean Stalk

If I’m having a low self esteem day I sit and open my crown chakra (top of my head) and call for the brightest, most pure, highest vibration energy of source to fill me.  I sit comfortably and breathe and allow this pure white light to fill every cell in my body.  I breathe it into my brain and all my organs.  I pull it all the way down my body, even directing it into my auric field and the center of the Earth.  By the end of this meditation my mind is clear, the negative thoughts have been replaced with high vibration light and my mood is in a WAY different place!


Just Sound

I learned this one while taking a Yoga Nidra class…and I can’t stop practicing it.  I am affected by sounds, by noise.  I even have to sleep with white noise so other noises don’t wake me up. (A curse of sensitivity)  Well…there were all these noises outside our class and I was coming out of my meditation and getting irritated and the teacher said ,”Whatever you hear, just call it sound and listen to something else.  Call it sound and listen to something else.”  So I did that, I kept hearing the annoying sound and instead of allowing  it to trigger me I  said in my mind, “sound.”  Then I would hear birds signing and say “sound” and then something else and say “sound” and before I knew it, I was back into my meditation and never was triggered by the noises again!


Meditation can be used for many reasons and any reason is a good reason.  It is my purpose to stay connected and centered and clear, and meditation is the perfect tool to keep me moving in a direction that’s good for my soul!

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