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5 Tricks to Unblock your Creativity

As many of you know, creativity is my main course of the day.  Weather it’s inspiration energetically in my work…or creating a new galaxy in my writings….and I am constantly challenged to remain an open channel for receiving guidance.  Primarily because I am stubborn, and also largely because we are raised in a culture devoid of connection with the “unseen” realms.

I call phooey on that…and with that level of maturity I would like to offer you my FIVE favorite techniques for getting out of a creative rut…spiritually or otherwise!  (I know you are expecting me to lead with the second chakra…so I am leaving that out of the mix entirely.  All 5 of these are totally and completely practical, and don’t require any skill other than being human!)

1.  Exercise


I am not a fan of exercise.  I flow with the motto “run only when being chased.”  So, when I put exercise as my first way to unblock creativity…you might want to really take heed.  It could be dropping and doing some sit-ups, a yoga class, a quick walk around the block, jumping rope, or an impromptu dance party in the living room (my personal first choice.)

I’m not a scientist so here goes, when you exercise you think about that.  So you stop over thinking the current problem that is blocking your creative flow.  Also…you get into your body and out of your head.  It works 100% of the time.  Except when it doesn’t.  That’s why there are 5 things :)

2.  Giant Satellite in the Sky

I had a QHHT session with Ev Zepernick (highly recommend checking her out) and learned in that session that when I’m having a hdishard time connecting in with everything out there that inspires me, I should close my eyes and do a little meditation to get grounded…then I imagine a giant dish, like Jodie Foster used to listen through in the movie contact (it’s a must see if you haven’t seen it!)  And I tune in and listen really carefully…and like magic…all of a sudden information starts flowing through me again.


3. Automatic Writing

I know this should probably be first…but the top two usually take care of everything for me…unless it’s writers block.  Writers block seems to be another animal and needs a little of it’s own medicine.  I have a journal, it’s just one of those composition books you can buy for a $1 and it’s my automatic writing journal.  I sit.  Grab a pen that writes well (funny how important that is to me) Take a huge breath in and out then pick up the pen and start writing.  I don’t write about what I’m trying to write, just whatever comes to mind.  The groceries I need, the laundry neefreewriting2ds done, that time in the fifth grade….and then out of no where….something starts coming out of my hand.  I try really hard not to engage and get all excited…and I just let it flow.  When I read back over that journal I get goose bumps.  One line I’m remembering some inane fact from Ripley’s believe it or not, and then in the same sentence download the piece I’ve been stuck in my book for weeks.  Yeah..it’s that good


4. Food

This may seem like a no-brainer…but sometimes when I’m working or writing I forget to eat.  And we need food to make our brains work.  We need food to make everything work.  Some people like caffeine…that makes me too jittery…but a high protein something always helps me get my motors firing again!

5. Walk Away

Sometimes this isn’t appropriate, but sometimes….just getting up and doing something different is the perfect medicine.  Forcing rarely if ever works! Anything in nature will reboot your creativity.  Most things with friends will as well.  A good laugh is the best way to feel lighter and happier in your body, which makes you lighter and happier in your work.

These are the top five ways I get myself back in the saddle of juicy and amazing creativity.  I hope these help the next time you need to try something different for motivation!