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The Interconnectedness of Breath?

I was reading a newsletter from Sally Kempton and it really got me thinking….

She says this (it’s an excerpt):

First, of course, I’m struck by what the viral spread tells us about how profoundly interconnected we are. We are all part of each other and part of this world in ways that we often ignore in easier times, but which become very clear when we face a fast-travelling virus. Yes, it can be sobering to realize that we share our very breath with every creature on this planet. But it’s also inspiring to realize that your breath itself can be a healing power when you fill it with light and send it with kindness into the world. Try adding a loving kindness prayer to your breath when you feel anxious or fearful: “May I be happy, may I be safe, may I be healthy. May my family be happy, may they be safe, may they be healthy. May the people in my community be happy, may they be safe, may they be healthy.” That practice is one of the best ways there is to lift the mind beyond fear. And it’s really, really, really good for the immune system!

I never really stopped to contemplate the universality of this experience.  The ease at which this shows each and every one of us how connected we are.  How we truly are only one breath apart—no matter how far away.

As a social experiment this sure can be seen as an amazing feat.  I remember when I learned that doctors put electromagnetic die into the acupuncture channels and traced the lines of these “energy” pathways.  That they found the acupuncture channels are alive inside of us.  That it meant at the very beginning of Chinese Medicine an energy Shaman could see these channels, and draw them, and 9,000 years later science could see what the intuition already knew.

And so I look to my fear about this.  The fear of being contaminated by something no one understands yet.  I look to the fact that I’m at ground zero–with a busy geriatric practice, in close quarters with my patients, and it’s my job to be open and receptive…and I think….I’m using this platform at only partial strength.

What if I could affect their cells with simple intention.  With the health and abundance of my energy?  What if it’s not just the needles exchanging information but my very breath?  My very being?  My simple intention for each soul to be healthy.  To be happy.  To be safe.  To be in love?  What if I amped that up and thought not just about my patient on the table but also everyone in their family…which as I’m learning from this virus is our entire human family.

And you?  What can you do?  How many people can you touch with your beautiful breath intention?  How many blessings can you send on the ethers?

I think this virus has a thing or two to teach us afterall.  I think I’d like to take the lesson and run right to my mediation cushion and see how I can amp up the healing frequency on this thing.

I think my patients this morning will be my test group.  If I ask them to breathe their wish for Health for Joy for Love for Safety into their treatment and I anchor that through the human genome how far can we shift reality?

Do you think I had too much caffeine this morning?  Or do you want to join me anyway?

Let’s change reality!

On your mark, get set….Breathe………