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Learning Trust.


She called and I came. Whittled my belongings down to the nub–a priceless nub–packed them in my car once again–like leaving a place that never felt like home for the West, then leaving another place that never felt like home for a future as yet undetermined. But a place that beats my heart.  A place that makes me cry just experiencing its beauty.

I wanted to come across the ocean clear–i wanted to be the whole me, radiant as sun.  i wanted a fresh start pulsing through me to the galactic center and effectively  re-writing again my story from a place of strength and integrity. True vibrant strength and deeply rooted integrity.

There was one small hitch–in order to step fully into the power I was asking for I had walk into my deepest fear and looking it dead in the eyes make a choice within myself…victim or not.  Powerful or Powerless.  Stay or Go.  Fight or Cave.  Choose.

I chose powerful.  I chose to open the next door and walk through…but this time, as opposed to the other times, I asked for help.  Oh, those lessons pile up but it turns out that generally if you need help, there is someone waiting to offer it.  It’s the way the whole Jenga board of life is set up.  And so I asked, and I was rewarded with Angels..in the clouds, in the flesh, in my heart.  I was so accustomed to doing it all myself that when i decided to finally open up to the collective generosity of the human spirit…I was almost blown over by what showed up.

What did I find?  I found trust.  In myself.  In the as yet unknown.  In the present moment.

I look back at all my years of trying to meditate and feeling inside for that “no-space” space.  And it was here, on Kauai asking for help from a place of total open-ness, that everything I was looking for, found me. That I became…trust.

It is my purpose to teach others about their spiritual purpose.  Not about how to make money, the precursor to that…about how to have the richest life full of the most expressive experience of the self.  And from that…knowing that about yourself…EVERYTHING flows!

If you are geographically near me–it may be hands on healing.  If you are far away it may be through counseling or energy medicine, maybe we begin with a Life Purpose Numerology reading and start building that story of who you are, what you are doing here, how you can be in alignment with your soul and your purpose.

However it is that we are destined to help each other:  me helping you find your purpose and you allowing me the joy of living mine-I’m absolutely intoxicated at the random possibility of it all!

It has become the meditation I have searched my whole life for.

In Joy.  In light.  In love.  In trust.

I’m ready to get started…are you?

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